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    I am in Tokyo and it is a little past 5am. It's a little past 1pm in Los Angeles.
    Los Angeles -8GMT
    Tokyo +9GMT

    5am in Tokyo is one hour brighter than 5am in Los Angeles at this time of the year. Regardless, we all more or less know what 5am and 1pm feel like, and 1pm in Tokyo can be as miserable as 1pm in Los Angeles. 5pm rush hour looks similar in most places; many children are sent to bed at 8pm; and most days 9am can be an un-godly hour for me to wake up whether in Los Angeles, Tehran or Tokyo. These times are essentially all the same.

    Kinda boring.

    The first place where the Sun rose in this millennium, local time, was on the International Date Line, all of which is in the Pacific Ocean. Even though the line makes some zigzags to the east, the place on the line where the Sun rose first is far south, near the Antarctic Circle, where the line is intersected by the terminator (day/night line). Here, the Sun dips just below the horizon and then rises again almost immediately at midnight local time. The longitude is 180° E exactly, and we take the local time to be 12 hours ahead of UT (atomic time). The southern limit to the terminator was at latitude 66° 3' S on January 1, 2000 and 66° 7' S on January 1, 2001. Both of these locations are in the extreme southern part of the Pacific Ocean with no land nearby.

    "International Date Line, all of which is in the Pacific Ocean.... Both of these locations... with no land nearby."

    Without argument—and because it is a little past 5am and little past my argument making time of day/night—I'll take this as a logical start point for dates. Now why not also start and end time right here and make only one time zone? 5am (05:00hrs) in Tokyo is also 5am in Los Angeles. 1pm (13:00hrs) in Los Angeles is also 1pm in Tokyo. The time for everyone is the same, but the feel is different. Good bye the meaning of time attached to a self-centered numbering system of 1884. Who is to decide that my 5am should be the same as theirs?

    24 hours and 24 different possibilities of rush hour and bed time! Let me tell you, 13:00 in August, in Tokyo is very miserable, but imagine a mild early night at 13:00 in August, in Los Angeles. You don't want to experience a location for seasons only, but for time as well! What is 13:00 like in August in Buenos Aires?! What about 13:00 in January?!

    Hello Time Tourism. We have 288 new reasons to visit other "times".

    Tue, Aug 5, 2008  Permanent link
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