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    I was looking at a map today and an other one of those odd sixth grade questions suddenly hit me: Why is the planet oriented the way it is: Americas on the left... Oceania on the lower right? Why did we determine the planet's rotation to be counter-clockwise? Where did "counter-clockwise" come from? The clock's rotation could be the other way.

    In space, there really isn't an up and down to the solar system—what we call up could be down and visa versa for all I care. In that case left is right and east is west and upside down is right-side up. We can look at it at an angle too. Then none of our directional conventions make sense. Maybe I need an astronomy class (and astrology)...

    This simple determination of the direction of all things, by someone(s) at some point has lead to so many complex socio-cultural models which have shaped our perception and minds, and in return, which we apply to almost everything and anything, anywhere. Narrow I'd say.

    How would a change in perception evolve in a space colony if these directions are nulled and everything is in constant movement, in all directions? What will that society be like? How will their minds work when they don't have these trite, earthly limitations?

    I'll come back to this...

    Lewis Carroll's map of the ocean:

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