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digital cartographers, narrative realization. image workers & pixel [re]searchers. emographers. memetic mappers. space cadets. polytopians.
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    The human species is rapidly and indisputably moving towards the technological singularity. The cadence of the flow of information and innovation in...

    A series of rambles by SpaceCollective members sharing sudden insights and moments of clarity. Rambling is a time-proven way of thinking out loud,...

    Start your own revolution
    Catching up with the future. All major institutions in the world today are grappling to come to terms with the internet. The entertainment...
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    some documentation from NTB Storylabs this past weekend...


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    language adjustment 1


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    extract. imply. inform.


    Analog resonance


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    October 20-21st, 2012, 11am-6pm
    Los Angeles Edison Power Plant #3
    The Brewery Arts Colony, Downtown Los Angeles

    Lattices, honeycombs, checkerboards, triangles – form constants were first conceived and studied in 1926 by Heinrich Klüver as geometric shapes at the core of human visual perception, revealed through altered states of consciousness – hypnagogia, hallucinations, synesthesia, fever, meditation, near-death experiences…

    Others have continued to explore deeply common human experiences – Karl Jung worked with form constants of a different kind, those he called archetypes – psychological organs, analogous to the physical ones that arose through evolution; Noam Chomsky proposed a “universal grammer” hard-wired into the brain and properties that all natural human languages share.

    The evolution of technology, however, is morphing our perception through new extensions of our senses, changing our relationships with our environment – each other – and ourselves. Is what we take as common perceptions among humanity today diverging as we augment, enhance and mediate our subjective experience through technology, or is it bringing us closer together? Is the blend of flesh and information changing the very core of what is considered to be “human”?

    Using paint, pixels, light, sound, sculpture, games both online and off, FORM CONSTANTS #1 is an experiment and experience about perception, information, communication, culture and narrative – just what is the earthquake that none felt?

    Contributing Artists:

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    RealiTTY is a series of dense, insightful media meditations on language, information, reality, technology and transhumanism by Miles Hingston.


    Reality is a battle of opposing metaphors playing out/in the canvas of the collective mindscape. — Miles Hingston (The Author)

    I hate to formalize things in this way, but this material is not designed to appease academic or scientific types necessarily because I choose not compete within the narrow boxes that they want to place people in, this will be discussed further in the next section. The nature of this material is purely speculative, but it does assume atleast some familiarity with the concepts described here. At the very least you do need to be open minded enough to challenge your perception of reality and entertain new ideas, a closed mind is a decaying mind.

    To investigate anything is to admit prejudice, if I seek to prove the reality of my beliefs to other people then I betray my own doubts. To have an opinion on something requires me to overlook an infinite number of possibilities and to separate myself into the marginal and relative realm of rational thought.

    To arrive at the truth once in your life you have to rid yourself of all the opinions that you have received and reconstruct anew from the foundation, all the systems of your knowledge. — René Descartes

    As a final disclaimer, this material is in no way intended to be comprehensive and/or complete as it is very much a creative work and should be considered preliminary to your own further investigation. Information is neutral, it is neither good nor bad, do what you want with it.

    Information and Simulated Reality

    Digital physics sees everything as information, it provides a different way of describing what is happening at the quantum level. Seeing as the universe appears to be composed of elementary particles whose behaviour can be completely described by the quantum switches they undergo that implies that the universe as a whole can be described by bits. Every state is information and every change of state is a change in information. From this it can be said that the history of the universe is in effect a huge and ongoing quantum computation.

    The Shape of Information

    Information is like a "meta-substance" if you like (meta meaning beyond or above), yet it is embedded in the metaphor we choose to describe it by. Consider that the subatomic particles and quantum processes which scientists describe are what shamanistic and ancient cultures would consider spirits and deities.

    Thoughts and Illusions

    Think of the human brain like a radio transmitter/receiver, the brain is tuned in to a small spectrum of reality. It then further filters this in order to make our reality seem more congruent. My own experiences with psychedelics lead me to consider that there are different frequencies which the brain can tune in to and in doing so it is possible to pick up other "alien" realities, after all, all dimensions are occupying the same space. It is impossible for us to know an "objective reality", we are in a very real sense encased within a bubble, a cocoon, our nervous system is a buffer into the void of ultimate mystery, even science has it's limits in what it can explain phenomenologically.

    Language and Reality

    Saying that everything is information isn't very helpful for people who like to believe that there is a physical reality out there, it means essentially that the World is an abstraction, malleable by our interpretation and merely a collection of prevailing beliefs. Information as a linguistic object is a rather undiscerning metaphor. Metaphor is for most people a device of the poetic imagination, yet it is much more pervasive in everyday life than most people assume. Our ordinary conceptual system in terms of which we both think and act is fundamentally metaphorical in nature.

    Symbolic Representation

    Robert Anton Wilson once remarked that "we are trapped in linguistic constructs, the only reality we know is the one we manufacture". We are immersed within a culture of symbols, as Gothe said "everything is a symbol", this woeful abstraction and sheathing of the reality destroys the outer World and fills the inner World with emptiness. The more involved this internal representational system is, the more distanced we are from the reality around us. Other connections and cognitive perspectives are inhibited and substituted by the alienation of symbolic representation.

    Meme Morphing Machines

    A meme is a cognitive or behavioural pattern that can be transmitted from one individual to another one, because of this they are often called "mind viruses". For example looking both ways before you cross the road is a meme. In general memes do not work on your rational mind but rather they affect your unconscious, emotionally entangled, decision-making processes. Another way of thinking about memes is as ideas or neoligisms that distribute themselves through a population. In a very real sense we are a collection of other peoples' minds. Memes become the entrenched thoughts and behavioural characteristics of our personalities. Since ideas get fixed in our minds they become our reality, often for our entire lives.

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    Having participated in the development of the Polytopia Project since its outset here on SpaceCollective, my primary focus and passion has been to make inroads into conceptualizing, innovating and developing the tools/interfaces/utlities/system architectures that facilitate and contribute to the emergence of a polytopian mind habitat.

    Together with Gavin Keech (@gavinkeech), Gunther Sonnenfeld (@goonth), Brendan Howley (@brendanhowley) and our selfs (@notthisbody), we have formed an entity called ThinkState - a creative innovation consultancy that is building UBIQUID.US - values-driven creative tools for the collaborative economy.

    With awareness of inspiration stemming from the Polytopia Project within all of us involved, we wish to publish the statement below, contributed to be each of us, assembled based on our shared affinities and values.

    The intention is that this statement can be hacked, examined, ripped apart, adopted, adapted by any and all who find use for it - so that perhaps we can define a kind of mutual commitment statement suited to a Polytopian perspective.

    These core characteristics and principles are strongly inspired from the Polytopia presentation and map that were created in November 2010.

    As well, I would like to thank and credit Spaceweaver, whose text I have taken the liberty of adapting under the heading "How we desire to be free".

    We welcome any and all who would like to join the conversation around these affinities.

    Fluid Fractal Organism - Participation and Fusion
    from Entanglement Personas/Metaconstructs by @gavinkeech

    The below text also exists at for live, collaborative editing.


    THIS STATEMENT is made this _______ day of ______, 2011, to set forth the stated intention of [entities involved] to continue in a collaborative and cooperative fluid fractal organism (FFO) - for profit and social benefit around their common affinities.

    This letter sets forth the vision statement and key characteristics under which the entities of the FFO intend to develop a partnership agreement and act from a business perspective.

    Key Characteristics

    Key characteristics of the ThinkState FFO include:

    [entities involved] will endeavor to cooperate with one another to develop aesthetic interfaces and utilities that
    • transition and evolve current socio-economic models
    • lead to the emergence of collaborative marketplaces
    • co-create value through the leveraging of affinities around shared narratives
    • monetize that value through ethical re-sale and incentivization of personal data
    • volumize and visualize that data via immersive technologies
    • enhance emergent properties and multiplicity
    • contribute and reciprocate with the open-source community
    • ...create a ground of engagement for entities to interact and nourish one another: the coordinating layer of both the web of our strategic partnerships and the web itself

    Guiding Principles

    The principles of the cooperative relationship are:
    • All initiatives will be tested towards their potential to mutually and reciprocally enhance entities
    • By all means practicable, all initiatives will strengthen co-emergent interests
    • An ambience of partner cooperation will allow for mutually agreed-upon concurrent agendas
    • Critical decisions will be undertaken in an ambience of openness and directed dialogue
    • All value co-creation will be undertaken in an ambience of transparency
    • These principles we place before personalities.

    How we desire to be free

    Technology offers the possibility of analyzing and directing the mental processes involved in computing our choices towards an optimized state of freedom.

    By developing interfaces and utilities, we might find greater degrees of personal and collaborative freedom not only by means of increased computing resources and information access, but also by upgrading the very way we compute.

    If we gain sufficient understanding of how mental processes arise, we can begin to devise general methods of ridding them from unnecessary redundancies and increasing their aesthetic and creative qualities.

    This is our mission: to utilize the sciences of the mind, providing us with powerful insights and tools to help us optimize individual and collaborative freedoms.


    When we no longer feel we share common affinities, we must arrange to fluidly be able to move past that block to continue with the affinities that we do still have in common, if we so desire.

    Concurrent agendas are possible by transparent best practices, which in turn respect the vision that we have set forward.

    No longer sharing specific affinities does not render collaboration mutually exclusive.

    A recognition of these characteristics and principles is the bedrock of our collaboration: we will, each of us, make best efforts to continue to evolve those characteristics and principles, guided by balancing what is best for all of us against what is best for our company.

    Entire Understanding

    This Statement contains the mutual understanding between the sentient entities with respect to its subject matter and supersedes any prior understandings and agreements between them with respect thereto.






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    Junto & beyond - further generations and explanations coming soon.

    also find full image HERE

    in collab with @venessamiemis & @gavinkeech
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    NotThisBody & ThisIsMeta share...

    ShiftShapers: an immediated autodocumentary

    I heard a quote from somewhere, forget where... "The baby boomer generation will be known more for what they do in their 60s than what they did in the 60s."

    Shiftshaping implies:

    (1) Sharing our individual experience, motivations, wisdom & vision
    (2) Consolidating individual wisdoms towards collective actions
    (3) Minds open to the evolution of ideas/approaches/methods
    (4) A willingness to share resources
    (5) A strong commitment to collaboration

    Licensed under:
    CC Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0

    *Extended discussions will be put up online over the next couple weeks.
    * thanks to Gabriel Shalom for discussions around Immediated Autodocumentary

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