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digital cartographers, narrative realization. image workers & pixel [re]searchers. emographers. memetic mappers. space cadets. polytopians.
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    The human species is rapidly and indisputably moving towards the technological singularity. The cadence of the flow of information and innovation in...

    A series of rambles by SpaceCollective members sharing sudden insights and moments of clarity. Rambling is a time-proven way of thinking out loud,...

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    Catching up with the future. All major institutions in the world today are grappling to come to terms with the internet. The entertainment...
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    Content —> Form (structure) —> Aesthetics —> Meaning —> Intention alignment —> Action potential —> Self-organizing intention realization —> rinse. repeat. rinse. repeat.

    identifying emergence GEN002 / form: @notthisbody / icon design: @gavinkeech / CC-BY-SA

    Memetic Computing covers the general aspects of population-based problem-solving methods that are enhanced with some form of cultural-analog mechanism. For instance, Memetic Computing involves also software ecology. That is, studies of the enormous number of software projects are shedding light on how software development takes place and the many social and technical issues related to this fundamental XXI century activity. Related emerging trends that also fall squarely within the remit of Memetic Computing are search based software engineering including the very latest trends on software self-healing, self-assembly and self-management. Memetic Computing is thus an emergent discipline that seeks to distil principles derived both from nature and human societies (i.e. memes and self-organizing mechanisms) as to bring forth the creation of so called Living Technology. The main areas of scientific interest covered by Living Technology, and upon which Memetic Computing would have in near future a definite impact, is the interface between nano-bio-technology and information technology with the ultimate aim of creating new, novel production systems with the properties of self-organization, self-assembly, evolution, learning and, more generally, adaptive complexity. It is also essential to remark that Memetic Computing is also having an impact far beyond technical systems. For example, policy makers and businesses are using memetic strategies (previously called viral marketing) to influence public opinion and deliver effective change at a massive scale through the harnessing and leveraging of memetic concepts operating from small, perhaps unnoticeable, interactions. That is, Memetic computing is playing a key role in the design of bottom-up strategies for the achievement of large societal and technological changes. In this scenario, memetic simulations play a key role in the modeling of strategies and their potential outcomes. - The Emergent Technologies Task Force on Memetic Computing

    a possible process - MA GEN002 / form: @notthisbody / icon design: @gavinkeech / CC-BY-SA

    what role does chaos play in this process? the existence of free radicals generates new trajectories. how can we design for chaordic emergent synchronicity?
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