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    An Endless becoming whistles at us, to investigate the skyline of our emotions, challenging our thought sensations in forming the passion to think different, defying the sensibility of our existential situation.

    The contour of being a human lays on our upturned tables, the logic gate to our identity next to undergo siege. Is our conscious event bound to a given and stable contour?

    The cycles of seasons are dissolving into a dawn without pause. Within our veins of knowledge the endless sequences of peripeteia are crawling like a storming swarm, challenging the mind into unnatural fitness.

    To flame a departure is indeed the sound of minding.

    (Peripeteia – from Greek, a turning point)

    What is a human being?

    It is for few days now that I am observing the question, the constellation of words I painted on a big canvas, and in front of it I have situated my self in lotus position with a bottle full of mud in my hands.

    I do recall the moments in which the question makes sense, as if meeting a good old friend, but then, I do recall the moments in which it does not yield any intuitive trail.

    It is clear for a soft duration that accepting the question may imply that it will carve in me a stronghold of identity and I will carve through it a stand.

    I choose to postpone the bargain while embracing the growing texture of noise, the question itself remaining the only silent thing. Does a constellation of languaged words, carry an advantage upon the raw clay of silence?

    The first hint buried in silence, I move on.

    Again, I pick up and test the question, what is a human being? I am almost surprised to discover a line of space.

    Indeed, I remember, two advantages I am when confronting a question. The conscious ability to implant a fresh dimension, first. A dimension empty of precedents, virtually opened to re-consider what is in question. So I step on a momentary balcony almost free from the sight of history, relieved from heavy connotations and pre-defined images ‘about’.

    The surprise grows, folding me into re-imagining a ‘human being’, mirroring not that which is all too evident in time.

    But something more is clearly different from previous senses and tastes attached to the question, some of the objects forming the human case seem to have disappeared.

    The intersection of times in which I, we exist, a trace mark of the second advantage. The era of continuous turning point, peripeteia. The historical invariables of the human case are being infected by variability. Riding technological waves we raise metaphorical heads to tackle the fixed stars.

    So there it is, a pulsing strange-space, accurately sweeping through all the closed-corners of imagination, from mortality to perception barriers, from scarcity to inevitability, introducing a fragile, undefined freedom into the language of thought-sensation, disrupting foundations of identity, delivering a thousand packages of future becoming.

    The second hint is landing charmed into a strange space.

    The irony, the archeology of irony is to be found in the history of belief. Each era provides us with a set of visions of becoming, yet each and all competing under one corked roof, that of being mutually exclusive to each other. Competing, if so, upon the dream-power of individuals instead of unleashing it.

    This era, of the year few thousands of our own making, provokes again its own hubris. The possible convergence of all the means, of mind and technology, by which we interfere upon our own make up. The renaissance machine to coalesce once more dream power in our hands. Are we up to making it the first cent of a great something else? Peripeteia, is it the turning point of us?

    It was irony that brought a graceful sanity and a simple instruction:

    The motive is not to use vision for self-realization, but rather to loose the self in vision and gain an open becoming.

    What is a human being?

    Now, with two hints, one instruction, a brave bottle and the lure of intensity, I was ready for unguided unfoldment of a shape of consciousness.

    Bypassing the paradoxical circumstances of existence of the question in my mind I search for a respectful answer.

    What is a Human being?

    The human being is a vision

    A vision does not hold a specific form at the end of the tunnel, nor at the beginning of it, but an open, continuous and composite tunnel of becoming. Cinema is a vision, philosophy is a vision, ethics is a vision, aesthetics is a vision, love is a vision, the human is a vision.

    Our basic definition, human being, is a symbol signifying vision as space of becoming, a space in constant rhizomatic expansion. A space of becoming that both exceeds the contemporary embodiments of it and is influenced by them.

    No, I do not deny the contour, the context, and the say of the many archeological layers of which we are formed, I do however suggest to replace our existential coordinates in front of it;
    To define our being human as a reflective and self-describing event, that operates upon a space of becoming. To situate ourselves by that at the infinitesimal necessary distance to observe that which defines us. To place ourselves in front of all the ‘what’ the ‘who’ and the ‘how’, and make it a matter for our reflective self-description, before it has us fully defined.

    Unleashing by that the creative aesthetic verb to mind not only what the context indicates, but a ground seeded with all the skies, furthering passion to rule the day.

    I am a human

    The human, I read now as a symbol pointing at a space of becoming, an open and live intersection of potentiality and multiple processes of approximation, to which individuation (dynamic of self-description) is a current interpretation.

    A human seen as a reflective and self-describing event replaces a stable contour (its defined humanity) with a space of becoming (human is a vision). By that she finds not only an infinite game within finite circumstances, but also all the ‘others’ as threads of embodiment.

    It is the evolution into a shared space of vision that promotes access between minds as an available global workspace.

    It is in my eyes an ultimately ethical act, one, which provides the process of individuation with a constant potent source of freedom and dream power to face the plexus of conditions and the conceptual environment from which it arises.

    An act that allows by definition diversity and endorses respect as an integral disposition of the collective sphere.

    Undefined Space of becoming

    Vision remains always undefined, incomplete and ever in becoming. ‘The human being is a vision’ proclaims the human empty of pre-defined essentiality.

    The space of becoming is necessarily influenced at each stage by the finite composition of possible paths, yet what matters is that pointing at ourselves we point at a dynamic space, partially always unknown, and not at a single a-priori particular image. Diversity becomes an essential aspect of our processing unit not the beast to be hunted down when fear grasps our throat.

    Vision behaves as a ground open for self-description. It generates an infinite game whose aesthetic necessity is to keep the pattern alive and unclosed, in the process of spawning a transitory shape via multiple processes of individuation.

    ‘The human being is a vision’ is the description of a primary existential situation, one that brings into presence the creative force in its strength and fragility. We stand, facing the limits of ourselves, while loaded with the acute tension of conceptualizing non-essentiality into aesthetic freedom.


    Just before being this or that, we step into the endeavor of changing the skyline of our emotions, provoking the eventful and experimental adventure of minding a meta-narrative. We breathe a-new into the rhizome of vision a life with no distance. Now, when we hide our revolution in thin air and deep space, it is empathy transforming into a telepathic wave, flaming the corrosive Nano-bots upon the prison of hope.

    It Is Now
    To be continued…

    Image 1 - Turquoise, 2003, By Michal Rovner
    Image 2 - Arsene by Xavier Rey
    Image 3 - Island Bridge by Xavier Rey
    Image 4 - Concept sketch by Mondolithic Studios
    Image 5 - Fling by Maria Kong Dance Company
    Image 6 - Border #8 by Michal Rovner

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