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    Organic Memory of the Posthuman

    The undercurrent that runs behind our exquisite organ of composing words into mental shape is images.

    In actuality ‘images’ are the metaphors of any language usage, so that, in order to infiltrate a process of change we need to have new images. With this in mind I enter the studio, to develop, maybe, threads of works, lines of images that I need in order to pass, to transmigrate unto difference.

    Through these lines of works I set out to search a new creative view; to find new frequencies and forms that can transform the abstract and far un-known of the future – that which evokes anxiety – into an organ of humanness.

    At the onset of the 21st century the thought of migrating beyond our current humanity becomes more relevant than ever. The concept ‘Post-human’ stands for a metamorphic process that absorbs and entwines both our biology and our technology into a new platform of becoming. The eventuality of which is no longer part of the current scope of sense making.

    I am using the concept, ‘posthuman’, as an opportunity to depart form the present into unknowns; a substantive opportunity to embody, here and now, the aesthetic action of re-installing man. In such an act, the post-human might lifts itself away from the hardware of violence and the ingrained attitude and code of control, by correlating uplifting and augmentation with a ‘Tsunami of Compassion’.

    I began the creative process with a series of small works on paper, exploring the formative space within which the metamorphosis does land neither into a utopian vision nor into a dystopian fate, but rather entices vulnerable and deep communication.

    This initial series of works opened my quest for a procedural corridor weaving technology to actualize the fractal quality of the image. The process continued with a combination of high resolution techniques of scanning, framing, blow-up and printing.

    The range of images which emerge, explores the aesthetics embodied in the sensitive tension between the alien and the very intimate, longing, and again longing, for intersection. This is the space that to my understanding characterizes the new installation of humanity.

    This body of works stands for a transition into a new creative state, in which I progressively migrate between languages, mediums and technologies. Like a nomad, I am traveling between processes and images, substances and information, mental-emotional states and action. The creative I in this sense becomes a dynamic archipelago of singularities.

    In this state technology is absorbed into the creative flesh that loses no grain of spirit. It is a state in which the motion from analogous to digital language empowers matter; where the development of creativity is actualized by the passage between mediums; where the creative event can become an organic memory of the posthuman future.

    I wish my art as a passageway, a corridor into the dynamic ambivalent line between self and ‘other’, between intimate and ‘alien’, between certainty and the unknown; to mark through aesthetics the possibility of transition toward a new perspective.

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