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    Dear Spacecollective!

    I feel glad about being invited by Wildcat to this community of forward thinkers and to the Polytopia project. I will dedicate my posts to the quest for a philosophy of diversity and multiple positions of knowledge. My working title for this kind of philosophy is polylectics. Since I work professionally with participatory design I will draw most of my experiences and reflections from the field of participation, collaboration, co-creation and collective intelligence/consciousness.

    A few words about me: I am a philosopher and sociologist and have been trained in musical instrument making and ecological design. Today I work as a concept developer, mediator, consultant and facilitator for participative design processes in a number of different businesses and projects. My focus is on the areas of education, entrepreneur- and leadership, sustainability and landscape architecture, and I complement my work with trainings and publications in these fields.

    I plan to write a couple of texts on participateurs, field theory, resonance and collective intelligence for the polytopia project but give me some time for that. I will also ad the occasional text from my other writings if they happen to be in english and fit to this community.

    Looking forward to a trip into deep space with this collective!


    Mon, Jun 8, 2009  Permanent link

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    Wildcat     Mon, Jun 8, 2009  Permanent link
    Hello jascha,

    Allow me to welcome you warmly into our space collective, I am certain that your contributions will be both appreciated and will generate the kind of healthy and critical debate our collective future as an evolving civilization sorely needs.