Comment on New organizations and leadership through Participatory Design

jascharohr Tue, Jun 9, 2009
Hi Spaceweaver,
I will soon write more about it. Participatory design processes are not that diffrent from what you might know from facilitation, change or large group methods. It is anyway not so important what you do, but rather how you do it and what inner attitudes you take on.
A participatory design process how we facilitate it always starts with connecting to the field of what is to be designed. You do this with appropriate methods both individually and in the same group. Those methods have to be chosen in a process of its own, so that you get an iterative and interchanged process. You want to weave a tight net between everyone and -thing which has part of this field. Out of this you are then able to design. We think of design as morphing the field of which you are part and not as creating something which is apart from you.
But rather then writing about it, this is something which has to experienced in reality to grasp the impact fully. So I think I will give notice when we facilitate open processes here and on our institutes website.