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    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.
    One of the ideas which sprang from our discussions around the future of waste was that of "System Upcycling".

    System Upcyclers look at how existing infrastructures and technologies can be put to better use, they look to take the elements of our "legacy systems" which are broken, wasteful or social destructive and buy them up with the intention of putting them to use, serving society in a more constructive manner.

    System Upcyclers use crowdfunding models to raise the required funds to buy up businesses for these purposes. Publicly Traded companies, will be bought up by the crowd and where socially detrimental they will be adapted to create social value.

    What would happen if we start purchasing company shares under a preagreed aim, for example buying up weapons companies to apply their technologies and knowledge for Humane causes (crowdfunding, meets flash mobbing, meets swords into ploughshares)?

    When the dot com bubble burst it left behind an infrastructure that changed the world, what other bubbles should we pop?

    Think this sounds far fetched? We don't have long to find out, if it's plausible.

    Kosta Grammatis has begun a campaign to buy a satellite from Terrastar which has just gone bankrupt and move it to bring the internet to those who can't yet afford it.
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    This future Architype from the Rubbish = Resource Event at ODC last week really resonates with me. I’m now pondering what the infrastructural needs would be for me to make the leap to a Surplus Sustained existence.

    The Surplus Sufficient sees waste as just excess resource, something which is Surplus to requirement. They use this waste to sustain their own existence and that of others as a part of a self supporting community. Surplus Sufficiency has it’s roots in the Squatter movement, which occupies surplus and wasted spaces, and also often acquires and reassigns food waste through Volkskuchens. The Surplus Sufficient speciallises in the revaluing, repurposing and reassignment of “Waste”, seeking new ways of adding value, and creating value from the material society percieves as worthless.

    The Surplusses at the heart of the Surplus Sufficient system are food, and space. These provide the neccesary energy and room from which larger projects and explorations begin.

    Surplus Sufficients create a counter balance to society, creating value from the worthless, and feeding material and information back into the economy.

    I’m seriously now contemplating the lifestyle of a surplus sufficient, but I it needs to be a local collective endeavor. Any one else in?
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    Why do we place so much value on reading, writing and arithmetic?

    We have polarized our cultural view of communication through our schooling systems, which applies focus our skills and abilities on 2 forms of description – words, and numbers.

    This limits our expressive capabilities, our receptive capacity and our ability to interpret and interact with the world around us. We have pushed every other form of literacy to the margins.

    I began thinking of this whilst reading Remix, and having a discussion with Chris Doering on Open Innovation.

    It occured to me that we live in a world where everything is rewritable (some things more easily so than others) and in the future everything should be “Delivered in Beta”, in order to communicate accessibility and reduce the barriers to development and modification. But to rewrite the physical world, we need to be Physically Literate – to be able to read in an object not just what it is intended for, but what it can also be used for (it’s subtext). Just like a word can positioned in a different place to extend or alter it’s meaning, the same is possible for physical forms, objects and materials.

    This thought then exploded, if we are extending literacy there are numerous other forms of literacy that many of us are culturally lacking.

    In the context below, i’m using the Unesco’s interpretation of literacy, but replacing printed and written materials with alternative mediums of communication – “the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate, compute and use printed and written materials associated with varying contexts. Literacy involves a continuum of learning in enabling individuals to achieve their goals, to develop their knowledge and potential, and to participate fully in their community and wider society.”

    Other examples of literacy: Musical literacy, Emotional Literacy, Visual Literacy, Verbal Literacy, Haptic Literacy, Self Literacy, Political Literacy, Contextual Literacy, Media Literacy

    You may argue that these things are subjects that are covered later in life. My argument here is that by placing importance of two types of literacy in the first place we limit our own cultural growth and development. Our shared literacy affects greatly our shared language and how we communicate, it influences the way we see the world as it influences the tools we use and what we say. It shapes our collective culture and perception. It even influences how we think.

    It is time for us to extend our cultural foundations, and extend our manner of expression and communication. If we all have the ability to “read and write” the world around us, then the world will be our wiki and our collective will shall emerge as Utopia.

    This prose, like everything else is unfinished (in Beta). It will remain (like myself) a work in progress. Feel free to add, amend, and expand, but please link back to me so I can continue to be a part of the dialogue.

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