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    What Money Is

    Sun, Sep 16, 2007  Permanent link

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    BillionNamesofGod     Wed, Dec 12, 2007  Permanent link
    It makes me wonder if this is why Islam is the new target, simply because islam forbids usury. Everyone should wise up immediately and switch to an islamic bank, because they do not charge interest.
    It's also a weird coincidence that people in the west who are against usury are assasinated?
    megz     Tue, Apr 1, 2008  Permanent link
    Interesting. It would seem though that if you bought stock in the banking industry that can create money and control wealth to this extent, the dividends and value of the stocks would be huge. Yet they are not doing well in the market and the dividends aren't very impressive at all. Why is this? Is there some gaming of the system going on here also? What am I missing? (I wish I were smarter.)
    BillionNamesofGod     Wed, Apr 9, 2008  Permanent link
    megz, I see your logic, but it's flawed. You need to look at what controls banks, that's where the power is.
    It's the people who say, control/create hedge funds, even the federal reserve.
    Banks are just pawns like everybody else. We all need to wake up really. See the on google video.
    folkert     Wed, Dec 3, 2008  Permanent link
    bump for renewed relevance
    innovativeedge     Fri, Dec 5, 2008  Permanent link
    This is such a good explanation. Here's a link to a story about the current state of the economy and the cause of it's turmoil. This video is a great illumination for the content in this link for those of us like me who are not bankers or stock brokers etc.