Comment on The Future of Us

johnallen Sat, Oct 8, 2011
Nutrino - Thank you for this comment. Yes, that was my thought - Man is at the service of Artificial Intelligence, perpetuating its evolution. Could it be seen as a parasite over taking its host? For the moment AI beckons with the perfume of 'a better future'. (today we mourn the loss of one of it's greatest ministers - Steve Jobs)

It is all Nature. How could it be otherwise?

If we are attempting to expand our POV and look at it all beyond our personal, and for the most part, inherited opinions, then there is no attachment to the human race. The rest of Nature seems to thrive better without us. Are we mutating, ie growing extinct in becoming 'machine made'?

If so, must we accept greed, for example, as a natural imperative? We might not appreciate it in others, but could it be that it fulfills on some means to perpetuate the species? Or does greed, for example, serve in our mutation toward AI ?

Or is it time for the white blood cells of civilization to bust in in full force? Which side do you/ we/ I fall on? I don't know yet but it would appear that we have a choice.