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    Product: SC100406 Collective Life Forms

    Sample use cases:

    Context: Home, commercial, or multi-resident buildings. Location may be on any continent. Demographics may vary.

    Problems: Utility bills soaring out of control, maintenance and repair have to deal with overloads, eg rainstorm washouts, vibrational disruptions, dramatic temperature shift zones, etc.

    Designs: Templates to improve sustainability and reuse, and control costs by recycling or converting excess resources.

    Artifacts: Water stored naturally and used locally so less consumption of expensive urban supply, power has alternative kinetic or solar or material sources captured for local grid, thermal maps connect flows efficiently for warming and cooling cycles and demands, local messaging or documentation or news capabilities for collaboration and historical knowledge.

    Admin: Information about local events aggregated for regional summaries and views, reviewed for effectiveness and responses to environmental constraints which may be used elsewhere. Separate and protect identity details; allow third-party access for approved interfaces.

    Commerce: Aftermarket for local conversion systems improve sustainability. Used components may have attached issue and repair history. Example product is simple low-cost expendable filtration system, or alternative waste management transport.

    Unique applications:
    • Aggregate comments to same videos or embeds from across hosting and linking sites.
    • Sorting around source type and content.
    • Search and navigate around creative common derivations and additions.
    • List questions or observations and get notifications when relevant material is added or computed.
    • Proxy server correlates content across set of users for goals, constraints or filters, eg for professional viewpoints, or watchdog. Predict effects of changes in rules for userbase.
    • Visual design elements explore how structure might be changed to improve content or function.
    • Marketing analysis can evaluate probable characterizations and defaults for each user or content element.
    • Resolve paradoxes arising from juxtaposition of seemingly contradictory elements or assertions.
    • Post-industrial population life support systems

    Features and requirements:
    • Cloudsource collaboration data forms, few common fields, can add custom fields for data types, app results, or other functions. Apply to science, test, or other domains.
    • Subsets include bookmarks, notes, spreadsheets, webpages, messages, documents, books, calendar, apps, software, sim, device, chip, game or bot.
    • Search can be of lists, indicies, contents, categories.
    • Database can store data over time. Attached content can be stored.
    • UI frontend might translate to semantic web standards or wolframalpha-type computation platforms for metadata algorithms.
    • Browser frontend can navigate by users, topics, dates, hierarchies, and so on.
    • Stream interface I/O to social networks.
    • Personalized portal or dashboard can highlight content organization across devices.
    • Alerts for relevant updates.
    • Accessibility for nonordinary users, eg conversational agent-type dialogue.
    • Archives allow review of data as of particular date.

    Pricing: Credit-clearing plans balance usage and production modes.

    Upgrades: ProPerform P/L/U/S "kitchen sync".

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