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    “Rules of - change. It is a pleasure to join with you all today, in a sense visiting one’s own past while hoping that fate can be altered through discovery of original design and ultimate objective. Humanity has always had organizing myths. Natural systems are infinitely complex, yet people are tempted to control the forces of nature. Civilizations have frequently had crises. There is an interplay between models of cooperation and competition. It was thought that self-correcting rule sets would survive the human condition longer. This turned out to include the gothic tradition and the likes of Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley, Poe, Stevenson, and Faulkner, which may yet be further reanimated. To what extent can this very utility be classified as a scifi engine? As far as science or fiction, it allows blogging, comments and attachment of a variety of media types. What makes this site different from others such as Myspace? The watchful users are a distinguishing value and the context is future-orientation. Content has mapped realms of news and fiction. In this particular case, styles have varied among the ironic practical encapsulated author, logical rational omniscient Correction, active controlling privileged Skullective, moral curious witness Mary, the Guild’s paranoid Byronic heroes, hapless dislocated unmanageable Watch, and your humble knowledgeable protective multimorph. All sorts of dramas can unfold. Correction denies the free will that created it. A final generation preserves flaws forever. Conservation of humanity is too costly to begin with, and this only increases over time. Authors experience the farthest consequences of publication. These are all in a sense the last of their kind. Their beginnings may hold clues. Nature splits the tech species. The singularity assumed dominant identity. The privileged people take extreme measures when they risk losing status. Correction emerges. Collectives also have shadows that react during crisis. Compound this with the fact that correction warps human behaviors, including infiltrators’, and we may find Skullective. There is talk of a bloggers’ guild. Humans have mastered networking, robotics, biology, and synthetic manufacturing. Some post-tech automata appear to be extraordinarily evolved natural systems. You may have considered other types of artifacts yourself. All prepare for the adventure. What will we look like when we arrive?”

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    gamma     Mon, Apr 12, 2010  Permanent link
    Good move.

    Now you can put the PayPal contribute or invest, something like that. Not like *I* could contribute, but I say take me as the Chief Documentation Editor. It's like a director-manager of the system really.

    Meanwhile I learned half of Java language. It was easy. I do not think that the source code is terrible, as I noticed it does not possess any bugs at all. I'll write some information like a web site with the conceptual algorithm.