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    “There here,” he said rushing to her side.

    “Happy Hali day,” she replied twirling her head alertly, referring to celebration of the activation of the common mind-world descended from early MMOGs.

    “You too. Glad you could make it.” He picked up a couple of bags and headed out of the subway.

    “We’re having a peace rally for all networks and the scenery here is so beautiful, it will make a wonderful background.”

    “Assuming that a few war profiteers don’t launch a smoke barrage again.”

    “Try to be optimistic. If necessary, we can synthesize immersively, but it’s nice to go au natural every now and then.” A firecracker went off nearby which startled them both.

    His artifact comm alerted.

    “Hey, you celebrating too?” he asked.

    “Not really. Minor problem. i’ll solve yours if you solve mine. Surveillance in your region had several leads on reported vandalism whenever local residents were away. It narrowed down to a ring gang, bored soldiers, and ex-domestics, so things should be better for you now."

    “What do you need from me?” he asked.

    “There have been a rash of so-called alien abductions in these parts, so if you think that I’ve gone missing, follow the attached instructions and that should get me back safely, okay?”

    “You got it,” he confirmed.

    “Okay, we’ll handle the perps.” Connection closed.

    He brought her to his apartment and the house system announced dinner was ready.

    “Smells great,” she said. “Nice how realworld machines can guess what you want and do all the preparations for go ahead.'”

    “That’s so we get some timee to sleep. They probably recognize us by our activity schedules, since they’re always on.”

    “We have some loyalists that seem that way, too. They must nap between worship.”

    “Usability and efficiency must be really good.”

    “As long as we have people like you that can troubleshoot responses so things don’t escalate.”

    “Well, winners write the history books, as they say, we just map incompatibilities and encourage safety margins. There is a lot of inertia from ideological traditions and some of it is not always constructive.”


    “After the post-industrialist generation, the usual demands didn’t have any support, so the networks picked up the roles. People tend to be ranked by membership as reps, leads, admin, predictors and what you’ve pointed out. Of course, many are on multiple nets. Surveillance and machines don’t participate in the polls or coin flips, they mostly monitor rules or expedients, most of which are logged. Every now and then a domain fault rattles dependents. Profiles are searched for relevant people by topics or talents so things can be sorted out quickly.”

    “There are a lot of people and more expected.”

    “So say the Xy.”

    They toasted glasses.

    Alert again. Surveillance timeout. He opened the instructions and approved their sequence for the printer. A sphere materialized within.

    “Thanks,” the comm chirped.

    “You okay?”

    “Never better. I’ve put a nice bonus in your credit node. Also see attached appreciation note. Should have a ride any minute.”

    The door alerted and someone came in and took the sphere away with them.

    He picked her up from the rally and got her back to the transit station just in time for the next departure.

    “We should do this again soon,” she said. “See you on the inside.” She waved and was gone.

    He checked his status and remembered the note.

    “Okay, big picture time. Self-supporting biospheres can be deployed to planets or orbits, and symbolization engines used by network admins can be parked elsewhere for use when needed. Intelligence is enhanced as much as possible for the smallest lifeforms. Species-agnostic interfaces translate to each semantics. Nonphysical species can be modeled. You might not notice the difference interactively. The question was whether the distance-from-existence could become traversable at some point. So the 'abduction' in this case was a ruse to encourage you to verify this. Thanks for your efforts.”

    His artifact comm alerted and headlined “+1. Now I’m really celebrating! Happy Hali day, Meta1verse.”

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    Wildcat     Mon, Apr 19, 2010  Permanent link
    Mr.Rod this is genius -> "The question was whether the distance-from-existence could become traversable at some point."