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    DETI Van

    “Supernocturnal Services,” the face on the display was of an attractive goth.

    “SEER, requesting clearance for the Run,” he messaged. This was the pipe connecting multiverses, universes, galaxies, planets and sims.

    “Select Blackhole Island or Pirate Pond portal,” she prompted. He hit an option.

    After a momentary hesitation, she replied “Approved”, and smiled “Don’t get contained, angel eyes.”

    Cagney cased the apartment building in a construction outfit. The rooms were mostly empty so he picked a well-to-do one and activated the signal. A few minutes later, a taxi driver showed up with a smartly-dressed woman carrying a long-lensed camera. She put her arm around Cagney and said “Nice choice, sweetheart.”

    The other guy froze, “I thought I was your one and only,” he complained.

    She put her other arm around him and said “Best ride in the city. Shall we get to work?”

    Taxi looked at Cagney, “Name’s Mustang.”

    “Cagney. You useta be the pilot?”

    “Before UAVs”.

    “And being booted out of scientology,” the woman said, Taxi had a look of astonishment. She elbowed him playfully. “They call me Hepburn. You the senator’s brother?” she asked Cagney.

    “Not much for secrets are ya?” he said.

    “Old habits,” she winked. “Why are we here?”

    Taxi said, “Space means never having to say your’re innocent. Basically, they won’t be able to find our original coordinates.”

    Cagney said, “I got a guy gonna gimme a quarry for our little contest only they don’t know it yet. Gotta get the prey to visit here. Youse then set him up in da field. It’s free for all until he’s captured. Champ picks anywhere in da pipe to operate.”

    “Sounds like fun,” Hepburn said. She was fiddling around with some equipment on a desk.

    “Whatcha doin’?”

    “Playing humanity’s advocate. They seek Why or Way. My night job is as a risk jockey. I like to compose from available sources.” Suddenly loud club music filled the air with very provocative vocals. ”Censored in the 20% most powerful spots; all mind no body. This is Was to them. Completeness includes dissent, I always say. You dance?”

    “Close to extinction is where the action is,” Taxi confirmed.

    After a while, she turned off the stream. “Rave?” Mustang gave her a thumbs up and Cagney touched his fingers to a card in his other hand, tilted his head to the door and they left.

    SEER read the quantumizer’s contradiction weightings. He appeared to be off the map philosophically. Alien design turned out to be a good way to create conditions to catch real ones. He had pioneered Exopology, colloquially known as Freeze or Frees depending upon the countercultural tendencies. This one was human sector’s logic and art. He would have to keep out of their awareness to avoid tampering charges. They tended to attribute such disturbances to ghosts, fairies or wizards. For such an energetic species, they hadn’t yet realized their misinterpretation fallacy. This planet had accumulated waste contaminants underground which had not yet been purged, but were being burned by lots of vehicles. Toxins were used as stimulants in small doses. The bigger states were in the process of establishing new crude commands after a mortality wave. Ideological effects were rippling across domains. Responses ranged from collaboration to sabotage. He saw a uniformed man in a building and the data displayed him as a builder, though prone to wiring for war, maximizing credit, substituting cheap goods and skipping town. He had a mobile control panel, had previously visited a bank construction site and was now partying in an apartment building with a couple of other people. The bookshelf had titles by Heidegger, Dewey and McLuhan. New ideas were usually considered dangerous so the reader was somewhat of a renegade. There might be something to learn from these folk on the themes of determinism, deliberation or displacement. Speciation hinted that perhaps networks of thinking things could be adapted to other forms. This would make a feasible theme for a project on where ideas come from. All progress was not local. He put a trace in the reader’s materializer for later review if he could find the century again.

    Cagney couldn’t believe it; Mustang had somehow intercepted the mark and declared game over. All he had to show for the effort was a tag that smelled like Hepburn on which she had scrawled “Flip side.”

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