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    Fog of Scope

    Ideas are physical. If I had known that before all this happened, I’d still be in m1 and the human situation improved.

    I was in the process of indexing all the scifi pages in a classic wiki as a database for a network graph. The source of biosphere reportedly had a new class ready to deploy. Fans were watching new episodes of Bond, Bourne, Burnett, Ethan Hunt, X-files, MIB and such.

    Things started off seemingly harmless enough. Sure there were large-scale incidents involving oil, water or the market, but these were known quantities and rules, if only Dark Ages revised. Packing most of the occupants of the planet into urban megacenters was prone to some level of network outages, toxicity and illicit activities. Governments attempted to control populations. Mysteriously, musicians, artists, and writers still had inspiration since they are used to exaggerated dark areas having a few symbolic highlights.

    Hali was acting strange. There was a request for my participation. It claimed that, if I didn’t activate a coded scene, the realworld would cease to exist. Thing was, I didn’t have the code.

    One can find expertise not only from machines, but also from reanimates, bots and humans. There was a Folksinger drone floating aound and it turned out that it could unlock the scenario. The pipe was a transport connection between domains. This was more than international; it included universes. Problem was that the decoherence fallacy, which showed multiple reflections of something based on observer position, was hard to isolate. The pipe had integrated ways to monitor and restore integrity, but each world sort of took things personally, if you will. Digital citizenship affects multiverse status, example being somebody called Watch. Migration sometimes occurs. It might be possible for me to try to get outside of our so-called m1verse to clarify the problem.

    This I did and immediately was disoriented. Things started to get skewed when I received a message that the pipe was down and further travel prohibited, including a return trip. What the heck?

    Another person named Marie Curie was also stuck. Luckily, she was ex-metaverse intelligence. She had news that m2 had been hacked, a higher-order universe that could manipulate time, which was something like corrupting the kernel on a computer. We weren’t sure how the local universe would fare. Worst-case was we were here for good. The less people that knew about this the better, since observers affected matters and this was supposed to be out of band. Also there was a notorious squad after her who might take drastic measures since they had replaced the empathic part of their brains with implants to identify only with their group and leaders. She still had access to an artifact grid, the Xy, or otherwise alien media. Further incidents needed to be stopped and suspects to be located. All motives had probabilities over time such as power, greed, revenge, passion, fanaticism, bigotry and desperation in no particular order. It might also have been merely a distraction for another caper. Depending upon if they were rivals, privileged, pirates, partisans, tangos, or arms dealers, the pipe could have different significance. She wanted to know if there were any warnings or threats, demands for blackmail or ransom, fanatical claims or announcements of responsibility. In each case, the pipe could be an illusion, home, forbidden territory, scrimmage line, reserved for exclusive usage, prize for the boldest, an evil which needed to be erased, or a weapon. The fabled stem reactor might have been built and the resultant metaboom might be good or bad depending upon the operators.

    She proposed a quantum trap. We would setup a secret auction for market exchange and controlled materials such as bio, nano or cognitive tech. The attendees were a presiding qbot, who kept instructing me to pay attention, a gang of professors led by the Hawk, guild members, scifi authors, spies, and various unrecognized mechanisms. She ended up fashioning a new version of Hali which could be used to create universes. I asked if it could design a new pipe which surprised and delighted her enough to do something which made me blush.

    Lessons learned: Local events have a wider effect on planning, prevention, and consensus. And don’t knock the coincidence of meeting a conspiracy theorist. You’d be surprised.

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