Comment on tech nolo

johnrod Mon, May 24, 2010
Don't actually know; another story might be needed. This is a deeply mysterious character. There may be any number of reasons for this assumption. A few guesses: Whatever created m2verse might be the authority to fix it. We tend to pick leaders from bloodlines that have legacies. Pre-web institutions tended to be hierarchical, e.g. academic or government. There might have been previous dabbling from adherents to systems of apprenticeship, e.g. a guild. This character has some knowledge of our cultural myths about access to other worlds and ways of knowing, e.g. shamanism to pick one at random. Somebody fed them this fact to constrain the choice of delegate. This could have been setup a priori by their own representative as the easiest means of control.. This could be due to translation, also for another phrase, m-2-to-the-nth. There might actually be a great post-human guide in our future. Might also reanimate Steinbeck. Where's Watch? Thanks.