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    “They call me Prometheus.”

    Shelley looked up to see an extraordinarily fit actor on the display, but the voice had come from a look-alike standing nearby staring at Fran who had taken on the guise of a miniature dinosaur. His shadow started spiralling around him before turning into letters which spelled “Rules”.

    “If you were trapped in an unfamiliar world, what would you do?”, Prometheus asked her.

    “Try to get a message home?” she ventured. A phone chirped.

    “It’s for you,” Prometheus said.

    “Hello,” Mary answered.

    “This is Curie. We were supposed to have met and you and literature returned to their rightful places as influences, however we have a minor complication. The logical operators of the laws of physics have been bound by some unscrupulous control freaks. Text Avvy to give your new acquaintance my ID. Okay?”

    Mary was stunned. “Guess so.” The call ended. She tried to send the message as requested. A loud thump sounded from the walls and the light brightened blindingly.

    Bulldog trotted around the pack. Okay, let’s make this tight. Lion charges the entrance first. Then two pairs, cobra and shark, and bear and croc. Bee has top eyes, jellyfish and spider underneath, and elephant has our back. Meetup at the tribal factory. This is not a drill, repeat. Now move!

    The group efficiently cleared the room wordlessly, snatched Prometheus, and exited before the occupants could recover from the shock.

    The phone vibrated. Mary shook her head and looked at it. @shelley, task compromised. Beware tiger team. @avvy.

    “Too late,” she said. “Speaker, what do we do?”

    The room melted around her.

    “Welcome to Hali, Mary. What would you like to do?” She was in beautiful scenery. A smiling young gentleman bowed.

    “Percy,” she exclaimed. “What’s going on?”

    “It’s the grid,” he said looking slightly concerned. “Ours has been egalitarian, but there are other fuzzy orders of existence where it is controlled by state, corporation, ideology, or battle. My feeling is that they serve to demonstrate the power of contradiction. Our lifestream complexity and all that we took for granted are lost.”

    “What can we do?”

    “We can try to reach the technology guide who just got extracted. Network state-of-the-art has Cyber Human Augmented Reanimation Machine, which acts like an implant that is good across multiple domains. Quantum society resistance involves H/I/D/E. Ask Fran.”

    The surroundings melted and Mary returned to reality.

    “This is confusing,” she said to the synthetic. The TV had a show about Skullective making a presentation.

    “The target is Watch,” he instructed. The alert goes out and the scene zooms out to show a high-altitude view. Some kind of flying ship materializes.

    “Sir? Trying a wave function.” Pause.

    Mary shrugs.

    “Okay. Target located. Teleport capability was disabled. Comms now synchronized.”

    The clock on the shelf jumps backward. The TV replays recent past events ending with a scene of Marie Curie saying “Reboot worked.”

    A glass bead sparkles in midair in front of Mary.

    Marie says on the screen. “The metaverse character indicates that it is self-repairing.”

    The phone buzzes. @shelley What just happened? Correction has split apart. @avvy

    The clock rattles.

    On the TV, a biosphere is shown amid the sound of chuckling, “I got your common implant right here, pal. Surf’s up.” The tiger team members are racing eachother in orbiting balls. Another voiceover, “SEER. Trace retrieved. Returning, dispatch over.” A woman holding a camera is reading from a text, her ultrashorts drawing attention, the sound of fast musical riffs in the background, as she describes a new multi-U invention. “Contrast how would you interact when there is no obvious interface/”

    “We immortals do not like things to be taken seriously.” – Hesse

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