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    Message from: The Rule

    To: Jackpot, Counsel in Place


    Determine disposition of subject known as Croc now held in orbital biosphere maintained by nanobots.


    Owner-elite Master had sent a multispecies tribal team to monitor and extract a rogue former multiverse operative. The latter was able to misdirect them by creating a cyber wormhole, or multiHAX, to reach across universes to spoof an ID and command channel which resulted in their containment. The strategy was an instance of pure computation including feedback and recursion which could only work when m2verse was offline.


    The sympathetic singularity effect on social networks resulted in addition of artifacts for scale-free small-world waste cleanup. This enforced human recognition. So that society would not then be subverted to sole role as generator, stellar source was considered since humans needed only a tiny fraction, but this would give machines unlimited power. It was thought that only one lifeform per solar system was sustainable. An attempt was made to aim machines to thrive on matter and radiation away from earth and sun. Derivatives of artificial exo-society modeling led to creating a fabric from telescope launches which resulted in craftspace. Mobile applications included basic biospheres for life support, and intelligently morphing vessels.


    The situation recurs as precursor in punctuated equilibrium due to human limitations. Answers are often provided by networks. Humans ask others, Hali or artifacts. Reanimates ask synthetics who ask the XY (pronounced zee). The XY acts as a kind of cognitive sky to reassure sense of individual sanity. It’s early use was for extremely efficient marketing, or government administration. External realtime briefings and memory are used to augment resources of each node, which looks like an agent, or xybot, to the network, though with a high degree of randomness. When anyone reaches the end of their wits, this offers a type of void on demand so that the answer becomes evident to them, often resulting in an immediate “I knew that” sensation. This can be used to provide new inventions in music, art or technology. They would then translate it to local symbol system, e.g. text, which usually cannot admit the existence of XY which would break consistency of accepted ontologies. It is possible to surreptitiously add a few primitives to the ideology to tolerate the rare exceptions; this may be done by artists who are considered expendable. Agents can act as group interfaces in addition to being models of speciation. This makes learning and cooperation more feasible, though there is higher risk to initial ones who are likely to blunder without supervision. Agents are loosely coordinated in an ad-hoc decentralized fashion from the bottom up by a self-defined XY-centric topology. Checklists, flowcharts or graphs could be used for synchronization. At a high-level qubots provide spacetime-stamped information and can connect any known POV. Representatives from the various domains comprise local delegates to a life congress, which seeks conservation of species and attempts to appear as a formal centralized organization.


    Send agents to mimic Croc’s group and Guild’s artifacts, establish agreement, harvest information sources, and translate our instructions to them. Access Croc covertly through long tail and indicate that there is no record of mission assignment, then coopt as our agent. Cover would be as exec of ProPerform. This requires reanimating Correction itself. Transition to post-biological mode and add API for XY2XY translation to avoid recurrence of disruption. Fill in details as appropriate. Acknowledge completion.

    Decrypted by: Wraparound

    Sat, Jun 5, 2010  Permanent link

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