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    Minute Map

    Merc’s fingers drummed in thought which called up a few billion matching rhythms from search. The idea was to set the digital emotion app. There was a spiral entry to complete for Omega University, a name which seemed like an oxymoron.

    The nano camp would require some effort. Others synched on included Archimedes, Bernoulli, Benoit, Newton, Julia, and Nova. This would be easier in Hali which aggregated group responses into an agent, however Correction, or at least Watch, did not recognize one-of-a-kind composition which usually indicated Guild members, who returned the favor. Time was running out. Actually, it was not obvious whether the Event was the end of, or rather the final, extinction. The solar system was going on 8 billion, and the galaxy on 14B, so there must have been others that had found a way through this before. Party on.

    How universal intelligence would merge all cultures, including the more nonlogical, would be entertaining. Thinking post-time was not difficult. One could imagine various dimensional topologies. Perhaps a good project would be about string puzzles in addition to the usual hard cures, new pyramids, remote message pads or artifacts appropriate for the universal network. Lighter-than-air clothing might be nice for flying. On a larger-scale, one could float biospheres, or oceans for that matter. The thought occurred that the Guild might try to hide inventions to avoid reanimation, e.g. signalling by entanglement, or encopy for quantum musicians which was hopefully not a requirement for The Signal to the wall, wheel, well, will, or what have you beyond the event horizon.

    Actually, the form seemed to have anticipated the answers and filled itself out appropriately. All done, and time left for another patrol.

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