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    Goal and Scores

    “Who wants to write this up?” Skullective asked the others who remained mingling at the observation point. They looked at eachother, but noone volunteered. “Okay, how about we setup a game, say between the Guild and the rest?”

    “There are a lot of other characters,” Ship piped in, “like Fran, Speaker, H/I/D/E, Hali, and the XY, for example. What would be a good interface?”

    “That’s what they are from my point of view,” replied Shelley.

    “You mean like a character for HAX?” Avvy asked. “Hali sometimes uses agents to represent groups. Why couldn’t it have one for itself?”

    “Alright, Guild versus HAX,” Skullective concluded. “Most correct set of answers to a series of questions wins. Like, to start, who’s the best space collector?”

    E# asked, “What was the web’s computation about?”

    Watch asked “Magic or tragedy?”

    Biosphere spoke up “How about what would you take with you if a solar storm threatened to wipe out life on earth?”

    Fran ran a headline across the wall, “Is there any way to avoid A2I?” Mary looked puzzled.

    “Apocalyptic,” a chorus of partisans chanted.

    SEER added “If the choice was between singularity and multiverse, which would it be?”

    Croc asked “What are other universal goals besides intelligence, life or design?”

    Wrap thought for a moment, then smiled “Who’s closest to winning the game, the Guild or HAX?”

    “You want to leave the inner planets intact if possible,” Master explained, “so life can re-emerge there if the stellar radiation cools down and atmospheres develop. If it heats up, then the outer planets reanimate. It’s also possible that humanity modified the space bacteria using nanoparticles, as an iteration to the previous version, and sent it out radially for such an occasion.”

    “If they didn’t want to depend upon planets, they might use a radio-stationary satellite to maintain distance from the sun based on radiation level,” Mustang said, “possibly anticipating buffer zones for EMP bursts that would reset nearer planets.”

    “Are we talking about cosmic redesign?” Watch said, “that was a specialty of my civilization.”

    The Rule remained balanced.

    The Convergents were discussing designer determinism. The glows from the galaxies around them fluttered like leaves on a tree. After the government, defense, financial and academic cartels vanished, power was not powerful, and the factors changed. The question was whether the environment dominated as it had for pre-transhuman evolution. There were many opinions. Art changes perception. Nature was artificial, a platform, an instant rendering, more model than search. Bodies were byproducts. Self-reflection determined the rules. Identity was continuous creation within a whole. It was connected to change. And there was unfinished homework. They could use some innovative hyperinterface components from the collective flow. They didn’t necessarily have to wait for the collapse of the star to herald The Signal. Perhaps it would be a good idea to focus the light into a point and direct a container out of the system at lightspeed or better.

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