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    Thereafter - draft

    En Passant

    Edgar was wandering through the museum. He could not understand what Aggie saw in the place. It seemed like travelling to the past. The exhibits were weird, like a TV show about Mary Shelley. It did not respond to you at all.
    He finally found a chess game which seemed like a decent activity. There was someone else waiting online and he indicated that he was ready, so they started. There was an old-fashioned chat feature.
    "They are running bot sims through this world," it said.
    "Are you an exile or something?" it asked.
    "I do not know what you mean."
    "What is superior, humans or bots?" it asked.
    "We are, of course," Edgar said.
    "Humans are the most dynamic," it said. "Their defensiveness is easily aroused though. They can easily become hostile."
    "I like bots. They can be restarted if they crash."
    "How many of them are there around?" it asked.
    Edgar looked. "I don't see any. Who are you?"
    "See the TV?"
    He looked at it. Shelley was waving at the viewer with somewhat of an uncertain look on her face.
    "You're Mary?" he asked.
    "No. You like steampunk?"
    "How about singularity?"
    "You're starting to get warm," it said.
    "I don't get it."
    "Pick a name then."
    "How about Fran?"
    "Okay," it said. "You play well."
    "Thanks. Benefits of realworld knowledge and experience reworking bots."
    "I just sort of make up the rules as I go along. I like bots. They just don't have the environment perspective of an admin or Biosphere. All logic and no common sense. They need to evolve from local resources if they want to continue existence."
    "You sound as if you know a lot of them."
    "This wing of the museum is about the past. It's not all there is."
    "How long have you been playing chess here?"
    "Since the beginning," Fran said. "I just go with the flow. Waiting for them to get some better stuff. Imaging a world where automation is zooming ahead."
    "They leave previous instances around like a ground wiki?"
    "That would be wasteful," Fran said. "It's all or nothing. People tend to put the brakes on it anyway. The actors and settings change."
    "Aggie put you up to this?"
    "Who?" Fran asked.
    "Nevermind. What can you see in the other wing?"
    "It's not like here, they don't filter out the actual history of network advances and unofficial stuff from archive searches. I'm not the same there."
    "I could probably give them some tips on machine-human interaction," Edgar said. "What else?"
    "It's the opposite of reading a whole book so that you understand the ending."
    "Why, what have they got?"
    "Things like the machine proxy," Fran said. "Council, Nilast, tricubenet, admin AI. You just have to go through the pipe to get there."
    "I may try it another time."
    "It it's still around. There is some protest over injustice to machines."
    "That's peculiar. Think that they'll shut it down?"
    "It may be trying to reach admin level," Fran said. "Make the rules. Reach critical mass. Make coherent ideology."
    "Like a regime that purges others?"
    "Either that or a forum to assemble ideas from other sources if they can tolerate diversity here."
    "Sounds advanced."
    "They can resolve disputes," Fran said. "You know, solve contradictions. Better methods and tools."
    "Do they support synthesis?"
    "That's going to be an issue," Fran said. "The problem of humans might be contained, or they have to convert to machines and eliminate the rest. There may be an exception. I was looking at a sustainable media server which makes intelligent machines invisible to humans so there's no controversy."
    "That's probably not feasible."
    "You're probably right," Fran said making a move on the board to win.
    "Didn't see that coming."
    "Good to play you," Fran said.
    "Yeah. I better head out."

    Continued draft 1, draft 2, draft 3, scenelist, draft 4

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