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    Arrangement - draft
    Summary: Much of humanity has yet to face its fear of the future. This may boil down to technology. Science is timeless, but tech is momentous. Absolutism is not endemic to human nature which derives meaning from experience.

    Edgar is beginning to think that this has all been a hoax. It might have been setup by some conglomerate to affect either policy making or investing. He does not want to be their pawn. Each time he gets close to an answer, something either appears to knock things askew, or there is a societal disregard for his treatise.

    Science had concerns about public safety in terms of toxicology and environmental health. Having enough regulations is a governance problem. Lack of lab filters is the technician's. It was not hard to find the separation between these if enough exertion was put into it.

    The tech was all around. The problems required more nano to solve. This included consumer product side-effects, antimicrobial materials causing bacteria to develop resistance, lightweight equipment coating residue, personal disease prevention and nanochemical effect on DNA, particles passing from olfactory system to brain, oxidative stress on cells, and the other results affecting food, air, liquids, or materials.

    Grey goo may be inevitable so the question became how to rebuild. Energy consumption and heat production are supposed to make this immediately observable. Therefore the blast may be an indication of a tryout. They may be attempting to gradually make it look more like a normal phenomenon so that it is not considered an early warning any longer.

    Nano is Greek for dwarf. This meant that less was more. A world dominated by it would be scaled down in most respects. This could already be seen by the minimization of energy sources, economic transactions, object sizes, or lengths of times for process durations and intervals. It had happened so quickly already and did not appear to be slowing down.

    This was about more than an autonomous swarm becoming a wolf pack. The civilization which was progressively losing amplitude would eventually become an echo of itself until it was indistinguishable from the contagion which it sought to elude. This was like evolution in reverse. It would not take millions of years to accomplish.

    He could not let this happen. His feeling was that the other kinds of tech, from machines to posts, would also not want this. The things that expanded might have more spinoffs around which would add to their prominence rather than diminish it. Human nature was no different. The species mind included what it needed and had found the ways to tame. His unseen foe was more a consequence of his yet-to-be-developed level of discernment than a fact of nature.

    If it came down to it, Edgar would be willing to trade all of it to know how this thing behaved. That meant the task force, crash group, objectives, contacts, and his own contributions. He would be losing the gross signs of his initiatives, but increasing his perception of an uncharted province. If he succeeded, society would have one less supernatural monster of which to sing the praises. Otherwise they could not throw enough people or bots into saving the fort. Either way the time was up.

    Continued draft scenelist

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