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    Nullified - draft
    Summary: Pense, a transhuman, is trying to prevent a new artifact from taking control of all consumers.

    Pense was not himself. The transhuman upgrade notice had been false. Whatever it was that had been loaded had made his system dysfunctional. He had to try to remove as much of the prostheses as he could which he had done before for repair. The rest was inert.

    Pense had become a human again. This made him susceptible to all of the afflictions of his native form.

    He was also separated from the others, Mestry, Wers, Rance and Inesc. Since he had planned to get to the artifact on his own, they would not be looking for him for quite a while.

    He no longer had access to transhuman broadcasts. Any time that he tried to use the standard machines for humans, the artifact would know where he was. He had been offline in the past for a while due to an evaluation or a place which was insulated so that it did not allow transmissions to permeate the surfaces.

    Any bot could now capture him. They had a magnitude or more than the capabilities of humans. He was brought into a large facility floating somewhere in the middle of the sea. It seemed to have been built upside down with the skyline pointing at the depths. Without the transhuman traits and enhancements, there was no way to attempt any escape.

    He tried to take an exoskeleton and use it to get to the top of the place, but was monitored and it was zapped into a frozen chunk before he got far.

    He wanted to get to the control system to take over the automated machines, but there was no central location for it and there seemed to be parts sprinkled throughout the structure, none of which he could break into and modify. There was no familiar external grid to use to get support which would have meant the artifact anyway.

    He thought that he had found a way to use the maintenance components near the base to schedule simultaneous port releases which would allow the water to get in and fill it up, sinking it. He now had to make his way up again.

    The bots found him again and brought him back to the holding area below the midline.

    At one point, Pense had been given one of the early emotion chips tried and discarded for transhuman use. He had no more worries. It made the artifact seem perfectly normal. It had its own version of human health offerings. There were interesting copies of anatomical parts which it was laying out for him. It showed him others who had made the change and were happy with the results. Each of these pieces would be better than his own. He would be all new. The transference made perfect sense. Not only that, but he would be an example that others would follow. The previous human materials would be recycled for scarce elements that would be added to the chemical storage. From now on, he would be making others lives easier by bringing the artifact to more who would be lost without it.

    Continued draft scenelist

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