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    Monstrosity - draft

    If you were here for the last show, some people don't always appreciate the new material right off, so I changed the order... People want to know what it's like living in the megacity where the monstrosity is likely to make first contact. You can't say that it's so tragic, it's ridiculous... The good news is that the energy from fragmentation yields information. The bad news is that the monstrosity finds that attractive... The monstrosity sees things split out of nothing and then cancel eachother, and almost infinite orders that might have been. I'm lucky if I know what's on Hali... Earth isn't so bad. Ideological biases cause insecurity in the dominant classes and persecution of dissenters and separatists. Academics. Can't live with 'em... My society was the opposite of this. You'll be meeting them... If you don't like the current regime, then wait a decade... What's the definition of irony? When social symbols match experience. Exception proves the rule and all... No two megacities are alike. They each fail in their own way... The battle between corruption goes on. You can threaten it with annihilation, acquisition or attrition. Get it? ... The mirth isn't finished. Each dictator leaves their personality on the next generation... There is a reality laughtrack. People get zapped when they look like they are about to despair. There were two expectations, dementia or zombies... The only thing more hilarious than the world's funniest megacity is the head alien in a blackhole. I've seen them both... I probably know all of the warden jokes... Why are there no executions on Easter? The last time, they stopped serving meat on Fridays and the warden hates fish... When the illusionist has no more believers anymore, they hand it off to the scapegoat and become the shadow... Machines won't need humans forever, so the punchline isn't far off... Noone said that aliens didn't have a sense of humor. You should see the ads they run on pursuer surveillance feeds... The problem with going on multiverse trips is that Falcon had all the maps... Capitalism. Seriously. Had us going there... What's the difference between Zer and Wennot? One trumps the holes... Vishal walks into a bar and says, "Stop me if you've hurt this. Just kidding." ... How many humans does it take to get a transhuman elected? All of them... That's an extinction joke... People ask what it's like being abducted by aliens. Pretty much like having to vacation at the relatives'... What will it be like solving Fermi's paradox? There goes the galaxy... Why do they call me Tarp? EI was taken already... Traveling all that time wasn't a complete waste. I did see an actual demonstration of string theory once... Luckily, that's all under control again. Trick is not to sample the contraband... A lot of aliens think that pirates have no morals. That's not true. I draw the line at selling them humans. Artificials on the other hand... Honestly, Zer and I go way back. If there hadn't been a monstrosity, we would have made him just for laughs... I know you're out there. I can hear you breaking... A lot of people think machines have no sense of humor. I've seen a lot of 'em and I have to tell you, they don't get any livelier than this.What do I want to be remembered for? Actually, it was Vishal, not me.

    Continued Scriptfrenzy draft

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