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    Now playing SpaceCollective
    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.

    Product: SC100406 Collective Life Forms

    Sample use cases:

    Context: Home, commercial, or multi-resident buildings. Location may be on any continent. Demographics may vary.

    Problems: Utility bills soaring out of control, maintenance and repair have to deal with overloads, eg rainstorm washouts, vibrational disruptions, dramatic temperature shift zones, etc.

    Designs: Templates to improve sustainability and reuse, and control costs by recycling or converting excess resources.

    Artifacts: Water stored naturally and used locally so less consumption of expensive urban supply, power has alternative kinetic or solar or material sources captured for local grid, thermal maps connect flows efficiently for warming and cooling cycles and demands, local messaging or documentation or news capabilities for collaboration and historical knowledge.

    Admin: Information about local events aggregated for regional summaries and views, reviewed for effectiveness and responses to environmental constraints which may be used elsewhere. Separate and protect identity details; allow third-party access for approved interfaces.

    Commerce: Aftermarket for local conversion systems improve sustainability. Used components may have attached issue and repair history. Example product is simple low-cost expendable filtration system, or alternative waste management transport.

    Unique applications:
    • Aggregate comments to same videos or embeds from across hosting and linking sites.
    • Sorting around source type and content.
    • Search and navigate around creative common derivations and additions.
    • List questions or observations and get notifications when relevant material is added or computed.
    • Proxy server correlates content across set of users for goals, constraints or filters, eg for professional viewpoints, or watchdog. Predict effects of changes in rules for userbase.
    • Visual design elements explore how structure might be changed to improve content or function.
    • Marketing analysis can evaluate probable characterizations and defaults for each user or content element.
    • Resolve paradoxes arising from juxtaposition of seemingly contradictory elements or assertions.
    • Post-industrial population life support systems

    Features and requirements:
    • Cloudsource collaboration data forms, few common fields, can add custom fields for data types, app results, or other functions. Apply to science, test, or other domains.
    • Subsets include bookmarks, notes, spreadsheets, webpages, messages, documents, books, calendar, apps, software, sim, device, chip, game or bot.
    • Search can be of lists, indicies, contents, categories.
    • Database can store data over time. Attached content can be stored.
    • UI frontend might translate to semantic web standards or wolframalpha-type computation platforms for metadata algorithms.
    • Browser frontend can navigate by users, topics, dates, hierarchies, and so on.
    • Stream interface I/O to social networks.
    • Personalized portal or dashboard can highlight content organization across devices.
    • Alerts for relevant updates.
    • Accessibility for nonordinary users, eg conversational agent-type dialogue.
    • Archives allow review of data as of particular date.

    Pricing: Credit-clearing plans balance usage and production modes.

    Upgrades: ProPerform P/L/U/S "kitchen sync".
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    Imagine the function

    Light the matter again

    Steady to entertain

    Sense at edge and action

    Synthetic the life to be

    Identity types occur

    Proxy as app for actor

    Synch simultaneity

    Rational inefficient

    Seeks to recreate

    A measure and state

    The causal insufficient

    It seems hierarchy is slow

    Pov is the thing

    That probabilities bring

    Time flow ratio
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    1. Write what you’d rather be reading.
    2. Write about where it leads.
    3. Search shall find, so postpone it to have room to retreat.
    4. Explanation is natural, the indescribable needs creativity.
    5. You already have the ideas, herding them onto the page defines the writer.
    6. Rewrite completely (especially after publication).
    7. Ears are a handy critic.
    8. Writing purges the system.
    9. Characters may need to experience your life from time to time (using their own tech).
    10. Write your own set of rules.



    Rules of correction.


    Those causing unauthorized distress of preanimateds are known. We are the future.

    Hitchhikers Guild

    Enjoy the alien media effects, elitist.


    Symmetrical, Entanglement, Temporality, Intelligence. It’ll be okay this time.

    Ads by P/L/U/S detergent
    Sun, Mar 28, 2010  Permanent link

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    Roles are immersive, dear diary app persona interface. Pause predicting bestsellers,measuring meaning, linking relevant sobjects, ranking known populations for changing tastes, and adjusting coefficients. Set reminder to return friend’s avatar and some feedback. Select from the usual lineup, substitute ebert-in-a-box for previous vocal setting as clear as an azure sky in deepest summer. Critics are characters too. Play next HL augmented album. Walls begin vibrating rhythmically. The trick of these interactive world editors is to pick a time-frame long enough to explore the plot, yet reach a conclusion relatively quickly so humanity is saved from unrecognized threat, since predictions never actually come true ironically, and possibly telling a story at the same time. Or it may sometimes turn out to be the post-digital equivalent of adarkandstormynight. Begin search scripts and transcripts. Apply sociological semantics. Eliminate used styles. Fill up completely from scifi lookup, tune by worlds, debug current context, then produce content. Quote the state of the author, once domains began to overlap physiology, there was stuff smarter than humans, creative commons turned to graphic novel videos and games, music was banned and it took costly enhancements to understand the realtime news stream. Arrange the auto-generated stories; combine into chapters of book series. Cover-art samples slide across visual field. Finance has become like a pawn shop for the imagination where loans are the main source of income, repaid depending upon the present needs of the source. Sweet smell of springtime season. Test a few themes from ancient lore, social fiction like a for scifi, synapses to bypass or bridge the political or professional hierarchy and barriers. Hacking tangible computation maps like spreadsheets. Wire some randomness into the conclusions of the limited labelers and extreme reductionists. Walking the tangent of communal timestamped expectations of general-purpose future calendars. Plot disaster, monsters, space-time travel, intelligent machines, and thoroughly question human identity. Sprinkle a few references to other genres, e.g. romantic kick-ass swimming vampire cowboy detective. Nibble stamina snack. Pursue themes of the history of the artifact, whether the target is reanimated, origin of the exception to singularity, test depth of characters’ quests including yours truly, speculate how this very site acted as its own user resulting in statehood and a benevolent cyber-dictatorship. Prefix encrypt Rules, Speaker. Resume.

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    Sat, Mar 20, 2010  Permanent link

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    Avvy has the NAX API running on the chinese chip from before the corporate war. It is spitting out sentences from Shomer’s archived bootleg semweb OS database.

    He inserts the mechanism to outline, sort, normalize, group, name, explain, visualize, and dramatize.

    Philosophy is derived from articles, authors, sites, links, socnets and products.

    Too dry, adjust.

    immortality eternity creative-destuction multiverse big-bang order time-arrow meaning internet architecture sustainable symmetry transforms brain metaphor fabrication mathematics outlier complexity biology truth crisis.

    Very nebulous, tweek.

    Perspective is the (lack of) separation between observer, description and subjects, macro-manifestations of particulars, arrays of elements of change, signals, sequences, and switches. Frameworks predict exceptions.

    Warming up.

    Bartender wearing a t-shirt of leftover logos looks up from tidying the shelf, clock drifted somehow, and a young woman walks in with some sort of doll. She sees a bunch of eggs painted in portraits and some coupons for redemption rates.

    On the wall, a retro-style TV starts displaying Rules of Correction. She says “Speaker, be nice.”

    Bartender asks if she’s on spring break and has got any ID which she doesn’t so he pours her a diet soda in a Blade Runner cup.

    TV shows two guys, look like twins, in this very place. Bartender is asking what it’ll be. Smiling guy wants rum and sulphur, serious-looking guy asks for water for both. It seems to turn reddish when he takes the glasses.

    Bartender asks how long they’re in town. Smilling guy says probably 3 days. Just showing his friend around, the possibilities, that sort of thing. Bartender starts sketching on an eggshell.

    “If you don’t accept”, smiley says, “it goes to JI, up to you. I can take your place. Haven’t been up there in ages. You might like it around here for a while. Trick is not to dispel their illusions. I’ll leave by the cave and make the goodbyes to the crew.”

    Amid a very fast guitar riff, the TV show changes to extreme crowdsourced competitions. Host kind of looks like the egg heads. Bartender starts texting on a phone.

    Avvy looks around to verify that the coast is clear and tugs the elevator cable a couple of times to quickly pull him up and out of there.
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    [tags] Fiction, Economic [/tags]

    [rights] Encopy [/rights]

    [until LDbypass] [encrypt] Rules of Correction [/encrypt] [/LDbypass]

    [theme] Risk that tech for energy, nano, bio, and/or cog may not be convergent or mutually supportive [/theme]

    [display] Tour Nonseen [/display]


    Initial context:

    Early version of Correction is in command of organizational executives. Economy begins growth until disrupted by wealthiest. Sustainability prevented by 7-year pump and dump cycle. Authority is limited by ideology. Promotions are auctioned. Ambitious may borrow then recover from illicit trades, commissions on regulation of legitimate growth, or manipulation of states, industries and common treasuries. External teaching is prohibited. Public resists contradictory rules, lack of liberty, conflict of interest, abuse of privilege, and artificial poverty.

    Watch, having sought target on earth, follows quantum tracks through electron to Sun to Space Central which is unfortunately destroyed as result of instabilities in simultaneous integration event.

    Aviator vessel specializes in design of mobile architecture such as hotels, hospitals and large stadiums which can be aerolifted and transported around planet where modules can be combined to shelter displaced populations. Recognizes sudden disappearance of scifi needed by public imagination. Tasks H/I/D/E group which hacks nowzilla, browses and texts Renaissance to find inventor, careful of primitive/high-tech paradox. They also secretly boost a couple of musical notes for metal ontology album, “Money is Data”.

    Davinci sees letters appear on canvas backwards, has near-death-experience, struggles through mental layers of soul, existence, self, body, empathy, imagination, and reflection of world, then regains senses and builds machine to represent the problem. Derives notion of tablet slices. Applies creative recycling toward sustainable artifact to hold values until disaster recovery, and buries under studio. This is eventually unearthed by attempt to run internet cable underground and is immediately censored.

    Turns out Watch actually captured E# which leads former to discovery of bug in Correction and latter to search for missing blue notes.

    Skullective resignedly attempts to reacquire original target, configures suitable human form from bio farm and live bodies, and memory-mines others for high-value items which can be confiscated by Correction. Survives Mortality mishap by unidressed technique of spraying skin cells on trauma regions to maintain vitality. Confronts Aviator and they battle until one or the other’s self-destruct is accidentally triggered and they are both gone.


    [prompt] Select action [/prompt]
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    The animal sniffed around torn up illustrations that littered the area amid discarded electronic devices.

    Mary: “Must be the ruins of a library, Fran.”

    She kicked aside an ITab that had lost power long ago, dark except for an after-image of a news story entitled “Bank Reform”. A notebook fluttered nearby so she picked it up. A series of fiery words suddenly appeared floating a little ways in front of her spelling “Rules of Correction”.

    Mary screamed: “Ah!” The animal jumped around her.

    “Gotcha.” A big woman appeared at her side.

    Mary: “Hi, who are you?”

    “My name’s Merc, but everybody calls me Minotaur for some reason. Stupid nickname won’t go away. I keep things from disappearing mostly.”

    Mary: “What was that?”

    “Somebody’s thesis maybe. Hardcopies are nice because of semi-permanence and extensibility. I’ll take that.” She grabbed it and buried it between her arm and bosom.

    Mary: “No, I meant the writing in the air.”

    Minotaur: “You probably need to eat something. I have things to do. Please don’t try to snatch anything else.” She walked off.

    “You must be a newb.”

    Mary turned and another lady was standing there looking bored. “Why?”

    “Special effects on the lettering. Keeps away the fanatics.” She gestured and the floating words turned normal.

    “Thanks, who are you?”

    “Why don’t you ask Plague?”


    “Your pet. She has the cutest big eye. Synthetic body parts, right?”

    “That’s Fran. She adopted me recently when I was too exhausted and rode on her back.”

    “Haven’t seen any quality animats since apocalypse day. Probably worth a lot. Nasa used to make them. Something about artifact-driven-culture-rebuilding, shorten the anarchy in case the Book of Eli was an entirely wrong version, stuff like that. Proably as likely to succeed as a linux manual. Speaker, American Indians.” The floating page of text refreshed. “Like these myself.”

    Mary: “Wow.”

    Lady: “Simple really, except for the folks who rank on eachother all the time. Their vocabulary is extremely limited. Speaker, Human GUI LD, bios.” A text table appeared. “Read it then swallow it.”

    Mary looked puzzled.

    “Kidding. Old habits. Nevermind." She pointed at the list. "They’re good at avoiding Correction exploits. ”

    HAX Character..Strength................Travel...............Defense.............Name

    RobberBaron.....muscle..................glider.................surgical-strike...Fred Smith

    Mary: “CoverTab looks like you. Is Lita your real name?”

    CoverTab: “Right. You tell anybody and you’re toast, get it? You like heavy metal?” A rhythmic guitar suddenly was jamming in the background.

    Mary: “Who’s Shomer?”

    A thunderous voice yelled “You wretched?!” A thin young guy was standing next to them.

    CoverTab: “Blind storyteller and keeper of the archives. Nice if he got the facts straight for a change.”

    Shomer: “Go ^*#~ yourself” he said very loudly. CoverTab waved her hand and he started turning his head in different directions as if trying to hear any sounds. “Where are you? Oh well, back to the stacks.” He vanished.

    CoverTab: “Leave it to the civil servants.”

    Mary saw a bunch of people walking up to them.

    BarnStormer: “Keep the faith. We can make this work globally. We’ll all be better off.”

    RobberBaron: “Yeah. Compared to nuke nirvana. You need my latest software for Arknets.”

    WrapAround: “What’s that pet made of? That would be good cover fabric for a smart car, or better yet, a self-designing starship.”

    CoverTab: “Will you get out of here! Where’s E#?”

    Mary shrugged. “Not in the table.” WrapAround patted Fran on the head and smiled.

    Suddenly the lighting was really bright for a moment creating a glint on a wristwatch which expanded in size and rose vertically until it blocked the sun then zipped off and disappeared.

    “CoverTab: Lucky for you, darned Watch can’t tell the difference between human life and a sunspot or we’d end up in the Correction.” Mary again had a quizzical expression. “You’ve heard of Angels, ET, Terminators, Cylons? Side-effects of Shomeric agenda.” She waved her hand and everyone vanished.

    Fran yelped so Mary picked her up and started off again.

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    Skullective: What is this supposed to mean?

    Watch: It was inscribed on a device captured from the Hitchhiker’s Guild.

    S: Probably another warning from Fred Smith, the fedextraterrestrial, still trying to outmaneuver the post office.

    W: Can run it through the magic spell-checker adapted for scifi to analyze the color of dialogue.

    S: Don’t bother. Probably a throwback to time hacking when they used curve servers for cube surfing. Let’s get this done. Who will be inserted as observer to send back into Mortality without memory this time? They can send dispatches to our contacts, assumed to be in their present, up to the end. Maybe they will find a clue about the missing sciences.

    W: Target is Mary Shelley. Self component plugin already prepared for opensource experience.

    S: Try not to mess it up this time. We’ve had enough alternate past without Nasa, the Mideast, atomics, or oil surviving the mid-21st-century demographics.

    W: Computation possibilities after hypothesis formulation and testing indicate the aliens’ history remains unaltered. This leads to probability of reanimation, and extinction of remaining barriers to immortality and logic.

    S: By the way, what time is it? Better get a move on. Hopefully you fixed the side-effects of earthquakes and espionage.

    W: No problemo.

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