Comment on Kids on LSD

meganmay Sat, May 12, 2007
HOLY JEEZ that kid is more evolved than some of the college aged individuals i know. Sometimes i wonder if there's a technological equivilent that kids of the 21st century are tripping out on, and if there were, i think the closest it comes is VIDEO GAMES.

THIS is what a 12 year old from the year 1984 (named Jarish) said in an interview about video games:
By comparison, pinball “is fun but it belongs to the real world
. . . it’s always the same.” Jarish describes his favorite video
games as “crazy and weird,” not of the real world.

[from Sherrie Turkles Video Games and Computer Holding Power]

BUT in the end, i don't think there's anything quite like the LSD. i bet if Jarish were were dosed he would see the world as one giant video game and love it.