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    The world without us:...
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    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.
    Everything is made up of waves.

    The rate of occurrence. The speed of how frequently it changes from white to black to white to black. It has happened in front of my eyes. I have consciously experienced the effects of my brainwaves to my perception of reality.

    Our consciousness is made up of waves.

    0.5 to 4 Hz - The Delta range. The state of deep and dreamless sleep. That which contains the unconscious mind. Inner being, personal growth, and rebirth.

    3.5-7.5 - The Theta Range. Repository of memory, emotion, and sensation. The source of learning, creativity, imagery and the imagination. Trance. Abnormal in awake adults, but seen in children up to 13 years old.

    8.0-12.0 - The Alpha range. Relaxation, lucid mental states. Alert and conscious but not concentrating. Pleasant drifting of feelings or emotions.

    12.0-36.0 The Beta range. Active when eyes are open. When one is alert and awake. Focus, listening and thinking, judgment and decision making. The waking life.

    These are waves that govern our consciousness. Graphic representations of the soul. And now through our technology we can simulate and recreate these states using Binaural Beats.

    Maybe in the future we would be able to combine this technology with other mind altering drugs and substances and discover the ultimate key to our consciousness. 
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    "The discovery of HIV, a breakthrough in the treatment of bi-polar disorder, the advent of the contraceptive pill… takes a tour of through some of the scientific discoveries that changed the world."

    "On a pilot voyage, through the Sargasso Sea in the North Atlantic, scientist J. Craig Venter has found more than 1,800 new species of bacteria and viruses—a surprise, since he had always thought of the Sargasso as a biological desert, relatively devoid of life."

    "If legendary inventor Ray Kurzweil is right, the future will be a lot brighter - and weirder - than you think."
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    It all begins when a Healer, guided by the Spirits, taps into the initiate's Kalimata or the "Divine Energy within each of us". The person then achieves a higher state of consciousness and is able to experience spiritual ecstasy. Some break into involuntary dancing while some have intense visions. A profound manifestation of the spiritual energy that is within all of us. Energy that has long been bound by our emotional and psychological states brought about by being subservient to the consumerism of contemporary society.

    Kalipimu is an ancient ritual that is still practiced by tribal shamans in North Cotabato, Philippines. It does not involve ingestion of any form of drugs or psychedelics and yet allows people to let go and transcend their physical and mental boundaries. It allows healing and improvement of one's way of life and thinking. A spiritual experience not based on any form of doctrine or religion.

    Proof that my ancestors have had a deeper sense of spirituality long before the Spanish introduced us to doctrines of Christianity. And that my country will have a great contribution to the great shift in consciousness that will be occurring in the near future(2012?).

    Kalipimu could also be spelled us Kali-Pi-Mu, portraying modern symbols. Pi which is one of the most important mathematical constants and Mu waves that "are electromagnetic oscillations associated mostly with the motor cortex (central scalp)".

    And so I chose the name Kalimata("The Spirit Within") because I know this story came to me not just by coincidence. It was gradually brought to me by the cycles of life through different people and mediums. And now the cycles bring it to you, or maybe your friend if you tell him/her about it.

    1. Interiority Complex By Troy Bernardo, Inquirer, (url:

    Image taken from:
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