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    Design Media Arts at UCLA
    In the 1970s space colonies were considered to be a viable alternative to a life restricted to planet Earth. The design of cylindrical space...
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    {the concept}
    Project: Design Media Arts at UCLA
    imagine possessing the freedom to let go of all inhibitions, all forces tying you down to your feet and imagining what your world would be like- closing you eyes and opening them up to a new reality. as a human you take control of nature
    what if you had no idea that there was this (innate) connection to you and nature- the warmth of your body, the beat of the heart working to create visual and sonic imagery- you take the role of the creator, without even wanting it. everything around you is birthed out of direct physical relationships to life. real or ‘unreal’.... whatever that may mean.

    make sense?
    perhaps not yet.


    The concept of the immersive space is self-containment vs. virtual creative/physical freedom.
    the project is a suit that is electronically equiped with technology that is touch and heat sensitive. Idealy the suit would be responsive to the body's environment and in turn as these elements are measured up (heat and touch) via the technology a 'natural environment' is created through audio and visual representaions.

    these visual representations are unexpected and have a range to them, from smooth organic shapes to extreme harsh angled ones. The visuals are an establishment of the relationship of our own human nature, to every other type of nature. BE it real or synthetic- it is a life form that exists, dies and regenerates, so in the end, Nature is whatever you imagine it to be.


    the vibrant colors of the fauna in the rainforest are sometime mistaken for 'unnatural' colors, when in reality they exist right in the trees,mountains and great water masses.


    the helmet/suit is built with touch sensitive and heat sensitive technology that responds to a computer that collects the data from the chips.

    depending on the collected data, the response is unique in its graphic and audio range
    a program is created as a response system that will literally project the outcome of the data in a specified graphic language involving color, shape, velocity, quantity. [ programming done in processing]

    the purpose of the helmet masking off the visual- peripheral and audio-sensory sites of the body is to detach from what is "real" but still be free-flowing, and retain the ability to run around freeling while enjoying the experience- traveling wherever you may be in whatever environment you may choose.

    you have semi-control of altering your environment/nature under the use of your own nature (heat and touch).

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