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    In the 1970s space colonies were considered to be a viable alternative to a life restricted to planet Earth. The design of cylindrical space...
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    The Mobile Suit Gundam Series
    Project: Design Media Arts at UCLA

    This doesn't have much relevance to the discussion of the human relation to nature, or what even nature is; however, I just wanted to make note that one of the ideas of this project — the prospect of migrating the human race to space colonies — heavily reminded me of the long-running Gundam series in Japan.

    In Brief
    Mobile Suit Gundam is a Japanese anime series that started in the 1970s, revolving around the concept of a future where humanity has comfortably migrated to space colonies. However, this revolution has also caused the populace to split into warring factions. The overall ongoing plot of the series itself, despite the different timelines and alternate universes, is the constant warfare engaged between political and military forces.

    Mobile Suits
    Gundam was the first series to introduce "mecha " — giant mobile suits that could be piloted through space or on land from a cockpit located in the suit's chest. In the future of the space age, the military forces won't be comprised of tanks, ships, or jet fighters; they will be mobile suits armed with various heavy firearms, beam sabers, stealth jammers, and all other sorts of unique weaponry.

    In actuality, the idea itself has been so popular over the last several decades that some inspired individuals have been trying to realize a working mobile suit:

    (Masaaki Nagumo's Land Walker working prototype with side-mounted guns)

    Space Colonies
    The colonies in space are heavily based on the designs of the O'Neill cylinder and the Stanford torus. What's interesting about the Gundam series is that since so much of the storyline takes place in space, there are many depictions and interpretations as to how life in these colonies are.

    + Article about the Gundam Universal Century universe utilizing the O'Neill "Island Three" space habitat
    + Article about the Gundam After Colony universe utilizing the Stanford torus space habitat


    + read more about Gundam at Wikipedia

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