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    Attraction to Nature
    Project: Design Media Arts at UCLA
    I can't transcribe ideas directly to a computer as well as I would to a physical sheet of paper; but oftentimes when I write by hand the ideas and sentences are all over the place because I pay less attention to mechanics. Regardless, I wrote this blurb earlier (forgive the incoherencies):

    What "nature" is to me
    It's vast, isolated, peaceful — free. I think as a kid I always had a strong connection with it, mainly because half of my free time was spent outdoors, using my surroundings as one giant playground. Looking at it now, with the hubbub of urban life and new forms of technology assaulting us from every possible angle, one gets caught up in the chaos easily. First of all, many people still have the outlook that nature is a force we must protect ourselves from — and clean out, if necessary when it becomes an obstacle. To protect from the elements we dwell in buildings; we erect walls that physically separate us from "it." Already, we immensely restrict ourselves to inhabiting a space that is a "box," and we also converge into communities; but as the selfish beings we sometimes are, we all want our own personal space, too. And when that feeling arises, we tend to plan "getaways" or randomly embark somewhere — somewhere far from the familiar city, civilization, lifestyle, etc. Sometimes these expeditions find us returning to nature.

    I began questioning our common attraction to this force. Why do we find solace within it? What is that connection? I cannot say that I've even come close to answering this question on behalf of the entire human race, but an important aspect (so I felt) I stumbled across several days ago led me to realize there was something nature had that nothing else could ever replace: freedom, in the truest sense of the word, and timelessness. We are heavily drawn to these characteristics; freedom, for the fact that nature exists all around us uncontained, out in the open repeating the mysterious life cycle again and again; timelessness, for the fact that nature has been around since the beginning of time, and will transcend it. When we immerse ourselves in nature we feel a unique sense of euphoria that knows no boundaries. And we have known nature far longer than we have known ourselves; it is a kind of familiarity harbored within even before we are born. Lastly, nature is kind — it gives, but does not take back. It has aided in getting us to where we are now, and heals when we make mistakes.

    I could not imagine living a future life in space without these spiritual feelings, these connections. But the inner self aside, I am rooted to nature physically as well. Unpredictable weather patterns keep the days from growing dull. The transitions between day and night tell me when I should rest. I enjoy the comfort of sinking into a bed of earth and losing myself to the sky and its atmosphere. I am hypnotized by the colors. I am refreshed by the sensation of wind; I am calmed by the drumming rain. The sounds and the sights have always saved my life.

    Can space replicate all these experiences?

    Can the habitats we dream about take them to a whole new level?

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