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    Concept.01 | Sound Immersion // Sound Healing (**incomplete**)
    Project: Design Media Arts at UCLA
    If we are attached to nature as it is now on Earth, how will we deal with the separation once we migrate to space colonies? I think one of the key elements within nature is freedom — a great vastness that isn't limited by any boundaries. (Of course, in the colonies our own physical sense of freedom is restricted to the walls preventing us from fatalities caused by the vacuum that is space.) If nature from Earth cannot be harvested or carried over on a large scale right away to our new homes, then a way of reattaching ourselves to it is by simulating its atmosphere through illusions of depth perception and sound, with a visual element as a reinforcer.

    First, I was particularly inspired by Richard Serra's sculptures after experiencing the T.E.U.C.L.A. parked right in front of the Broad Arts Center. It takes up very little space and gives the impression of a small size; but in reality, setting foot inside the sculpture's interior makes one realize just how large the area really is, or appears to be. It is like an open cocoon that immediately immerses and isolates and the viewer from the rest of the surrounding environment, but does not box that person in. I feel that given the fact we are already going to be contained in some structure in outer space, it is important not to contain ourselves even more — that would only induce claustrophobia. We all want our personal space, right?

    Second, tactility is of the greatest importance when it comes to our interactions with nature; but tactility can also be sacrificed for an illusion. We are born with an imagination; we are also descendants from a planet carrying the memory of nature's tactility. Therefore, we need some kind of trigger to bring forth those memorable sensations and spark a higher level of consciousness. Ambient sound has already been accomplishing such feats through abstract minimalism and the incorporation of recordings from nature. Today, some practices with sound include using it as a form of healing to relax a person and detach his or her thoughts. I feel this technique could be implemented in space as well.

    An example of a product that can be purchased for such purposes (or just as background sound or inspiration) is FM3's Buddha Machine (website).


    *NOTE: will elaborate more on later*

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