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    Consciousness directs evolution
    Our body is our shell, it contains us in order to operate on this plane of experience. WIth the development and evolution of self awareness, we have turned the eye inward to reflect upon its self. juxtaposed, consciousness becomes like a mirror upon itself, revealing the contents of the soul.

    As we peel the layers and shed the ego manifestations of personality and experiential attachment, our consciousness is freed - the veils are removed and we can truly see. Our lens of perception has been cleared of all filters. now turning the mystic eye upon itself, consciousness becomes like a mirror reflecting infinite space, nothingness, pure potentiality. we realize this consciousness is free of boundries, it is the light, the energy that sparks this reality into being.

    We are creating IT. We direct evolution. It is now time to find a way to shed our skin. We have already begun to create a new, synthetic body to house consciousness - the internet. But this is not the solution, this is training. Soon we will transform our mind to accept our body as light, vibrating energy - wholly connected with the world around it, free from boundries, free from the separateness that defines this mode of experience.

    We will become what we have already been - pure light.

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