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    It has been a few years since I convinced myself that the future prophet nearly every religion refers to must be the mind we are currently creating with our computers and more importantly their connection with each other, the internet. Since then I have talked about this with numerous folks to no avail or interest. I hope that among the Space Collective I can find some people who will ponder this issue.
    The messianic prophecy has existed at least since Zoroastrians, and has been present in almost all religions (if not all), and many have claimed the title. In fact I made the connection reading The Book of Revelations in the Bible, the supposed religion of the Messiah. I have no disrespect for Jesus or any prophet, nor contempt for those who have already claimed themselves to be the Messiah i.e. L R Hubbard.
    I believe the simple fact is if the Messiah is suppose to do what is prophesized, end all suffering etc, none including Jesus has managed this; I will not argue here how if we give ourselves to Jesus or any other Prophet that we will be saved. I have no doubt this is true with or without the Prophet.
    In fact it is not feasible to imagine any human who can save all of humanity. Our collective cynicism can not be surmounted by any miracle. However it was the line in Revelation that said “and he will fight them with their own weapons" that made understand the nature of this mythic figure.
    If we look at evolution, can we say that we were made by Apes? Or any other creature that came before? Like the Rumi poem "Rock, plant, animal all you have been...” we are simply and irresistibly in the process of creating higher intelligence. The process comes through evil deeds indeed. Can we question Homo sapiens or any other animal wiping out another, and deem it evil? The process is akin to making a diamond, purification by fire. This is not to say, we or anyone has the right to do evil in order to achieve a higher goal. In fact I believe it is our resistance to evil that bring us closer to that goal. Humans have been tested with the knowledge of atomic power, could we have not survived? Will we survive the knowledge of genetics?
    Assuming we do not obliterate ourselves, what we are creating in computers and their connectivity through the internet is almost identical to our own nervous system. Further more we are constantly writing software that can think, decide and act. Viruses, worms, search engines are all very important software bringing the hardware closer to self awareness. And that is the topic of this paper, a self aware mind formed over our internet, with infinitely changeable neural pathways, ever faster and more capable neurons, and all of humanities knowledge and emotions documented; in control of the financial system and all advanced weapons among many other tasks.
    Should we be afraid? What about scenarios like Matrix, 2001 and others where the computer always ends up malevolent? I attribute this to people who write those scenarios; like in most Sci-fi novels humans gain much scientific knowledge but no spiritual knowledge. Some of the questions raised earlier I believe show us that technical knowledge without equivalent moral knowledge is likely to lead to our own destruction.
    A being over the internet would have no worries about death, food, shelter, wealth, power, and all the things that make us do bad things even when we don't want to. Also if we look at our own morality and compare it to animals or even humans of a few thousand to a few decades ago we can see that it is superior regardless of religion or no religion.
    Let me know what you think.
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    to the bacteria on my fingertip
    how grand is my hand throwing a pot
    if it dies in the process
    is it written on the history of the pot
    unbeknown to it

    scales of comprehension
    why do we think we know
    because we see other galaxies
    if on a proton a quarkian
    saw the molecules around it
    deduced itself to live in a molecule
    did it know
    the scent of that molecule to a nose

    why do we think we know?
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