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    Beauty in a by-product?
    Global cultural fusion seems to be the by-product tomorrow, of our global communication networks today.

    Is cultural identity loss inevitable, is it a bad thing? What will the future bring.

    Will we end up wearing tight spandex body suits as in Star Trek?

    Is sharing always caring? Is communication shaping a new singular culture of tomorrow? Is it like fusion foods, are they better or simply more interesting. Will it eventually enrich our lives? Is culture really all that different from each other. For example Europeans would all consider themselves culturally different from one anther, yet from the perspective of an American or other Non-European, they may seem indeed very similar. Americans from different regions/states in the USA consider themselves culturally different from each other, yet to Non-Americans may seem homogeneous. If I dare to zoom out even more it seems cultural contrast is more obvious when it comes down to comparing continents, maybe Asia, Africa, and the rest of the Western continents seem seem really in contrast to each other. Yet if I zoom out even further we all end up being humans. In the very end we all share similar believes and cultures as the differences amongst cultures seem very minimal in variations from a 10,000 ft view.

    Will culture be replaced by commercial identities that are not heritage bound yet consumption bound. Will we become the brands that we consume?

    It seems in the very end god is indeed in the details according to humans.

    In a society as ours, where crime, hate, and envy seem so apparent in our cultural expressions, i.e. movies, video games, the news, will there ever be hope for a positive outcome from sharing? I am always on the search for the better side of us, and when glimpsing the possibilities of what can be it makes the search all the more worth. What seems to in the end set us apart culturally are seemingly details, and it is those very details that are being shared in a collaborative process that make up the big differences. Technology has helped make this process so much easier, giving us a world of new perspectives, and as long as we are open to those, good may come of it. With a plethora of information shared, we seem to have become a network of human cloud computing, in which each participant lends their thought power. Sharing and adding and rethinking, we all add to the pie but get a much bigger piece back, the nature of Gestalt theory. If this thought power in the end is for good, so much more, at a rate faster than thought possible, will emerge.

    I see the beauty of this collaborative vision

    One such proof is the example demonstrated on TED.
    The LXD (the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) are building an interactive web series that represents the next evolution of dance.

    The mere setting (TED), puts a whole new spin on this dance performance in which no hip hop music is used in order to represent an underground hip hop culture (telling the story with a different voice creates a beauty in fusion itself). Needless to say this dance performance is inspiring to say the least. Enjoy!

    View TED video here.

    I want to thank TED for showing us how in the end it does seem to become something beautiful, thank you TED.

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    kurthlab     Sun, Mar 7, 2010  Permanent link
    Update to Article.

    (Sorry I can get fairly carried away when writing and often put the idea out there without editing, to make sure they are written before the thoughts of the moment disappear. It seems spacecollective has no way to save a draft (which would help me) avoid misspellings or odd grammar which come to light often (english not my first language)) Also I had some additional thoughts added in in order to clarify my stream of consciousness writing (sounded somewhat odd after I read it out loud later :) )