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    Branding the Species
    Background: Voyager’s Interstellar record is a disk with encoded information that was attached to two space probes currently making their...
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    a little more research...

    Nothing- a philosophy within space

    While there are many weird things in space, one of the weirdest things is what isn't there — the nothingness of the great black void. But what may be most strange about this nothingness is the possibility that it is in fact not really nothing, but rather a whole lot of something we just can't see.

    "The nothingness of the vacuum has come under theoretical scrutiny the past century, and what appears most plausible, and most fantastic, is that space is filled with a seething froth of virtual particles," says James C. White II, executive director of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. "And space itself? At the smallest scales we can consider, it may co mingle with time in a foam of space-time."

    White describes this"foam of space-time" as ubiquitous events, all defined by their positions in space and time. If empty space could be photographed, we'd see asea of virtual particles that spring into existence and disappear.

    This ultimate small world is thought to be composed of "particles that come into existence out of seemingly nothing, from the very energy of the vacuum itself, that exist for times so short that their being does not seem to violate the law that says you can't make something out of nothing," White says.

    Researchers are just beginning to knock on the door of this weird, small world." 

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