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    Communication. Two brains, a message, a universe in between. What is a brain? We call it a brain. Two different brains in the same brain category we call brain. Brains are made of matter, they process information. Matter is energy. Ideas are energy. Ideas can get out of the brain. Ideas can travel transformed in words, drawings, radio waves, light. Ideas flow across the space between the two brains. Ideas can travel slow, fast, extremely fast, like a virus across the planet. Can we put an internet server on the moon? Yes we can. Can we communicate with that server? in 1969 we received TV images from the moon, so yes, its possible, that is the idea behind any artificial satellite. Can we create a satellite of love? If we can connect the moon to earth with the internet, can we connect the moon with mars? Can we build a network of artificial satellites around the sun? Can we space this satellites in a way they connect to each other? Can we expand our minds across the universe by creating a robot which drops a small router behind his path in his way to another galaxy? And imagine all this routers connected to our homeland internet. Once the robot finds an alien, we can instantly communicate with him. What shall we say to him? Hi! please save our planet from the madness of the warlords. Please come and take them on a tour.


    Sat, Dec 22, 2007  Permanent link

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    folkert     Sat, Dec 22, 2007  Permanent link
    Nice ideas.

    Reminded me of this piece about Timothy Ferris:

    Science writer Timothy Ferris has suggested that since galactic societies are probably transitory, then if there is in fact an interstellar communications network, it consists mostly of automated systems that store the cumulative knowledge of vanished civilizations and communicate that knowledge through the Galaxy. Ferris calls this the "Interstellar Internet", with the various automated systems acting as network "servers".

    Ferris suspects that if such an Interstellar Internet exists, communications between servers are mostly through narrow-band, highly directional radio or laser links. Intercepting such signals is, as discussed earlier, very difficult. However, the network probably still maintains some broadcast nodes in hopes of making contact with new civilizations. The Interstellar Internet may be out there, waiting for us to figure out how to link up with it.

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