Comment on can this generator make free energy?

lapisdecor Fri, Mar 28, 2008
@bpwnes: I think you are missing the laser part. My plan was not to heat water using the sun, but rather use a laser wich feeds on the sun light to do it. I don't know efficiency levels for water heating from a laser, but, i guess if I can use an AA battery to power the laser on my mp3 CD player, I would probably need a lot less energy to feed such a laser. Nevertheless, I'm not a laser expert, nor a water boiling expert.

I believe solar energy could even be used this way to produce vibration, since the laser produces an intermittent beam, and therefore some kind of microwave, wich could heat the water.

But, as I said, you could simply avoid the water part, since what moves the turbines is the mechanical pressure from steam. Probably it would take less time to heat air, or you could use the laser to produce compressed air.