Comment on can this generator make free energy?

Kai Fri, Mar 28, 2008
Interesting idea but i would suggest that you use a liquid that has boiling point thats closer to room temperature (ethanol? need more research on this), the latent heat of vaporisation would even help cool it down. Why cool it down? Heat transfer occurs from a place with higher temperature to a place with lower temperature.This would decrease energy loss to the surroundings and increase overall efficiency .

How do you define free energy? If its in terms of money, it is possible as solar energy is effectively free! But for that free energy to be of any use, the cost of the equipment needed would heavily outweigh the cost of the energy it can produce.( we're talking lenses that can produce lasers here!) Unless it can run of decades without breaking down, it sure as hell is long time investment.

But if free energy means a system with an energy efficiency of more then 100% ( meaning energy input is less that output) it is impossible, as bpwnes has already pointed out with the law of conservation of energy.

While systems with more then 100% efficiency (as they claim) do exist, it is usually the case of bad calculations and failure to include factors such as heat gained from surroundings in the calculations. Or the energy might come from somewhere current science has yet to be able to prove or explain (another dimension?) .