Comment on can this generator make free energy?

sjef Fri, Mar 28, 2008
dimitridb - The reasons you mention are basically why it probably won't happen.
I just thought it would look really cool from space, this covered in solar panels.
pic o the desert
I know it wouldn't be completely covered, but it looks awesome in my imagination anyway.
It would be expensive too, the proposed £5bn is a bit steep when one of those maglev turbines is only $53 million.

Funnily enough though the system proposed is almost exactly what lapisdecor outlined above, except without the laser. (not that strapping lasers on stuff is a bad thing...)
From the original article in the Guardian:
"A CSP station consists of banks of several hundred giant mirrors that cover large areas of land, around a square kilometre. Each mirror's position can be carefully controlled to focus the sun's rays onto a central metal pillar that is filled with water."
"Once the sun's rays are focused on the pillar, temperatures inside start to soar to 800C. The water inside the pillar is vaporised into superhot steam which is channelled off and used to drive turbines which in turn generate electricity."

The whole "Africas desert bringing Europe power" idea is a bit off as well. Africas desert bringing Africa some power would be nice for a change.