Comment on can this generator make free energy?

bpwnes Sun, Apr 6, 2008
I don't doubt a laser could boil water. I'm just saying it would take a great amount of solar energy to accomplish this in a productive manner. If you took in the same amount of energy as a solar power plant and assuming no energy is lost, you would result in the same amount of power produced by the solar power plant. It is just simple physical law.

The clincher is how efficient it is. The world's most efficient internal combustion engines are only about 30% efficient (going off memory, so don't quote me on that). In other words, of all the energy that goes in, only 30% of it is usable for work. The other 70% is lost to heat, sound, etc.If you invent an incredibly efficient engine, you would probably become very wealthy. As I understand it, inefficiency is mainly due to heat loss. Therefore, if you make the engine out of say, ceramics, you would have a far more efficient engine, as it would operate at much higher temperatures.

As for the mirror, the temperate climate of our planet is entirely from sunlight. Sunlight cannot heat the air directly, it heats the ground and water, which in turn heats the air, which causes wind and weather. This causes a problem with the polar ice caps melting, as they reflect a great deal of sunlight. If one were to calculate how much sunlight we needed to deflect in order to cool the earth, then we would have grounds for a solution to global warming.

I seem to be hitting lots of bases here and I, in no way, am trying to rain on your parade or prove you wrong. I'm just trying to provide logical input and I have nothing against you personally. I applaud you for promoting your ideas and standing by them. Together we can work for a better tomorrow and brighter future!