Comment on The Sticker Network

Tue, Aug 24, 2010
I like your ideas on this a lot, benrayfield! The lisp one might, however, mess with the project's scope a bit... I don't really know many people who can wrap their heads around pure lisp. Any project, if it's likely to get off the ground and into the heaven that we're trying to make our reality into, needs to restrict its requirements in order to avoid what's known as scope creep.

I'm pretty sure that just stickers within such an infrastructure would be an incomplete way of doing things, though. I just couldn't see enough viable places to put stickers outside the city, for example, so how would the sticker network really manage to stretch from LA to NY with nothing but stickers peeling off in the hot sun from telephone poles and cows? I'm considering this project in a more macro perspective right now, and the thing is that at some point down the line of a project like this someone would probably configure a bridge to the internet anyways.

What about the idea of encrypting all communications within the sticker network? Otherwise, it's at the mercy of pretty much anyone who can take the time to learn how to sniff traffic. This should be a mandatory part of the network layer, in my opinion, but still something that's updateable.

I got a bunch of friends who are (talented, no toys) graffiti artists who I'm sure would really love to be a part of this. I'll bring up the idea to them and see what they gotta say (Got a couple of them already into it as I type this actually, haha)... I think that making the artwork modular on something like this, while still incorporating a signifying symbol clearly enough, would be a really great idea, too. It'd completely increase the amount of stickers getting slapped around, and would increase exposure.