Comment on The Sticker Network

BenRayfield Sun, Oct 3, 2010
gamma, if you want to evolve something that sounds like dial tones (until it becomes music), I built this software for evoving musical instruments you play with the mouse:

dmitri, it has to be solar powered because it has to work for longer than a battery will last (wireless transmitting takes a lot of power, even if its done infrequently and for short distances) and because it has to go in many places that have no electric wires near. Unless you want to derive power from the electric difference between 2 places in the ground (stick 2 wires in the ground from each "sticker") then solar power is the only practical thing. The appearance of it is a separate question. I'm sure we could put something over the solar parts if they let half the light through, if it needed to be hidden from those who want us to fail.

Those who want us to fail... for example, this proposed law (9/20/10, hasn't passed yet, so do something if you can...), lets the USA government turn off websites and force businesses not to do business with them BEFORE the websites are proven in court to be doing anything illegal. Guilty until proven innocent. And it makes a few more things illegal, like certain patterns of linking to websites doing illegal things. Its like arresting someone for saying "You see John over there? He's a criminal." You linked to john verbally. He did the crime. You do the time. But because of my strategic planning, that proposed law can not ever apply to "the sticker network", regardless of how many criminals use it, because if its made entirely of Lisp Machines (each sticker is a mini computer that has no programming except what it receives through the network, completely unbiased and unrelated to crime on average), the following can never apply to it:

"(B) engaged in the activities described in subparagraph (A), and when taken together, such activities are central to the activity of the Internet site or sites accessed through a specific domain name."

Read the rest of the USA government's latest attempt at censoring the internet here:

When designing "the sticker network" we have to be very careful not to give those control-freaks even 1 thing they could possibly make a law against. They're trying to make a law against linking to bad websites. They would make a law against uncensored computers if they could. But they can't. If we stay unbiased and strategicly choose only designs they can not make demands about, we may be able to build a system to save our freedom of speech/communication/files/etc, and extend the internet into new places and avoid monopoly prices.

To the pawns of businesses which we call "members of congress" who are voting on that, you don't want a legal battle with me about "the sticker network", because I find the loopholes in laws before the laws are ever spoken about or written. Your actions are predictable, and your overall strategy is flawed. (and for those who like that song by the Flobots...) I see the strings that control the system. I can do all of this needing no permission. I tied a double-knot in a cherry stem. And I can ride my bike with no handlebars.