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    Project: Start your own revolution
    Just like we can today draw on paper, it will come a time when we can actually draw lines on paper with our fingers. Paper will actually respond to our drawings with computing power: we will draw a set of intercepting lines, like if we were using Smalltalk, and paper will recognize it imediatelly as a spreadsheet. We can then draw a raw graphic and paper computing will connect that graphic with the raw spreadsheet behind the scenes. We will have real notebooks or books that we can carry arround that can actually be used to make calculations or anotations because inteligent paper can recognize our scribble and interact with it.
    This kind of app could be made today, even without the actual superpaper, but thinking as if that superpaper was already here. Data in ebooks can be collected automatically so we can use it and share it with our own annotations, graphics, modifications. And computer power can be used to recognize our scribbles, ideas, and apply them to data.

    Thu, Jan 2, 2014  Permanent link
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    gamma     Fri, Jan 10, 2014  Permanent link
    There is a synapse between this app and the dirty hands of a child playing in the mud. The dirt may get into my electronics.