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    "Life should be a construction of doubts."
    Antónia de Sousa, Dialogues with Agostinho da Silva

    In Homer's Iliad, Aquiles tells that the Gods are jealous of humans' mortality, that immortality is a incommensurable burden for them.
    On second thought, maybe we're jealous of the Gods for it's irresponsible puppeteering.

    Some months ago, I got astonished when I found that there is this world-wide debate on Science vs. Religion, Atheism vs. Faith, and so on. The religious side attacks atheism, telling that religion spreads words and practices of peace, while the other side tells us that such beliefs are simply illusory and irresponsible.

    Well, I personally believe that to be certain of anything is one big illusion. Or not. Then again, I believe in it. First, Earth was plan, then squarish, then round, then ellipsoid and now is potato-like, filled with ups-and-downs. Hey, what's next?

    So, for centuries, religious people had faith relying on the existence of God, while scientists had faith relying that there is actually order in the universe.

    If this is so, why do people argue about this? And I'm choosing the word "argue" because it seems that this phenomena as reached far beyond the meaning of "discussion". Well, it's seems that the most logical evidence is that "isms" fight "isms", that there is this human characteristic of reason imposing, developed throughout millenniums.

    Are that self centered? I personally find fascinating on finding really different approaches to life than my own, so why does difference seems to be a postcard from other planet, requesting our departure for what we cherish? It isn't, it's just a gathering.

    I have Muslim friends, Christians, Atheists, Jews and never heard them telling "my God is better than yours, you should try my own.". Instead, I heard many times "How interesting, it's really beautifull!" or "we do it too.".

    There is no such thing as cultural dominance or cultural development, there are only cultures, as rich as our own. Please don't make it standard, I'm not excited about a mono-colored world where everything is already found and decided.
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