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    ET2 Architecture?
    This research studio will focus on architectural horizon and ground in a new way; from the perspective of what was called the big blue marble in...
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    From mass transient's personal cargo

    Training Space Tourists at...
    Project: ET2 Architecture?

    NASTAR stands for National Aerospace Training and Research. Located in Southampton, PA, NASTAR center trains aviators of all kinds, and their program now includes a 2-day program geared specifically to space tourists. This link takes you directly to the webpage that describes the space training in detail:

    There are four broad training activities:

  • Space Flight Training

  • Space Flight Disorientation Training

  • Space Flight Altitude Training

  • Space Crew Ejection Seat & Egress Training

  • Gyrolab2000 disorientation training machine

    The training seems to be dedicated to one thing: helping tourists avoid motion sickness.

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