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    In the 1970s space colonies were considered to be a viable alternative to a life restricted to planet Earth. The design of cylindrical space...
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    070423 Sensing Technology
    Project: Design Media Arts at UCLA
    I've begun to do more extensive research on ways of detection. One obiouvse option would be working with an Arduino and would make a lot of sense because it integrates with processing.

    Microsoft seems to be working on a similar project under the name Wasp which boasts integration of such things like GPS and image capture. This devise uses waspOS which is similar to TinyOS. TinyOS is said to have "become very popular in the wireless sensor network community" according to Microsoft's website.

    I also came across an interesting setup while doing research game design and controllers. This project uses the wii remote to navigate 3d environments projected onto a dome. The dome is pretty much a small scale of what IMAX and planetariums do. It seems like a much more natural way to view projections rather than the standard rectangle.

    As far as research in creating physics visualization, Craig W. Reynolds seems to being doing a lot of important research for sony on topics such as crowd simulation and other AI work. Björn Knafla also does work with simulating different natural elements.

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    josh     Mon, Apr 30, 2007  Permanent link
    very, very cool. interested to see more of your research and execution