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    070507 Arduino Workshop/Hardware
    Project: Design Media Arts at UCLA
    Last week a workshop was given by our TA, Jacob on the basics of Arduino gave examples on how it could be incoporated into our own projects. Arduino is a chipboard is able to take data from different hardware sensors and bring it into processing.

    Jacob and I discussed different methods in which an Arduino could be used to take data from a heart rate monitor and bring this into processing. To further reduce costs, a heart monitor could be made using an impedance sensor, but this would be very difficult and time consuming.

    1. For this method I would need to learn both how to wire an Arduino to the heart monitor and create a wireless RF(radio frequency) connection between two Arduinos.

    2. This method would only require me to learn how to wire the monitor the the Arduino.

    3. This method is the easiest but most expensive. Taking into account learning curve and time available, this method was chosen.

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