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    070521 Project Space/Tests
    Project: Design Media Arts at UCLA
    My original idea about how/where the video would be projected was focused on the surface itself. I feel that the surface should have some sort of either organic or curved shape. A shape like the topography of a map would be ideal, though a more dome/curved like shape would work as well.

    The first intuition was to take a large piece of translucent plastic and wrap it around posts set up in a half circle layout. After discussing this with Rebeca, II realized should take advantage of the already created circular structure that was right in our back yard—the Serra. This structure is ideal because it has a very natural vertical and horizontal curve.

    The next night I went out to test projecting on the surface. These tests gave some very promising results. The texture of the Serra really added another layer to the piece and the natural curve allowed for a seamless dissipation of the video projection around it.

    I decided it would probably be best to project inside the Serra because it is a much darker space on account of the ambient light outside the structure. To do this, I will clamp the projector and video camera to the top of Serra and project down so I reduce the amount of shadows.

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