Comment on endoftheworld cults

First Dark Sun, Dec 16, 2007
This "12/21/2012" fervor certainly has that Y2K feel to it. I'm sure many people will be stocking up on food and getting their basement shelters ready. In the end, it's just another ledge for the faith-based community to cling onto. One can only hope that when nothing happens (at least, nothing not caused by fanatics), a fresh wave of skepticism will permeate the irrational masses.

I've often joked with people about theories I've heard, such as the Mayans rising up from underground to save, enslave, or kill us (of course, they've been hiding beneath the Earth's surface all these years, developing a hyper-civilization). I'd like to think that most people would never buy into such an outrageous claim, but I already know too well that this is no more absurd than most popular religious beliefs. I also know that when people really believe these things, there isn't much they won't do to propagate or defend them. So I may chuckle about it, but nervously.

That many of the theories surrounding this date have been around for so long, and that there are still five years to go, makes me even more nervous.

Regardless, I am certain that there will need to be many revolutionary changes on a worldwide scale if humanity is to survive for another century (at most). As far as technology goes, unless we find a way to balance it with Nature without sacrificing what control we have left, there are going to be major problems. People are becoming much too comfortable with the conveniences allowed by new technology, while at the same time ignoring all possible future consequences. Unless many more people realize that "civilized" humanity is moving much too fast for its collective thought process to keep up, there will be catastrophe.

Technology continues to advance rapidly, whilst the vast majority of human minds remain essentially the same. We need more long-term thinking and acting, rather than regressive short-term convenience.